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Is It Legal To Have 10 Children By Surrogacy At The Same Time?

Source Above The Law

Will cases of individuals using many surrogates at once to have a large number of children ruin surrogacy for everyone else?


As we all know, pregnancy generally takes around nine months, plus recovery time. And humans aren’t great at having much more than one or two children at once. That really limits how many children one person or couple can have at a time.

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Surrogacy in Ireland: “I was born an ‘illegitimate’ child and now I’m branded an ‘illegitimate’ mother”

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In 1979 when I was born, I was an ‘illegitimate baby’. In 2022 I am an illegitimate mother. Illegitimate meaning “not authorised by the law; not in accordance with accepted standards or rules”.

I am damned if my daughter is going to grow up unequal to every other child in Ireland, in the same way I grew up.

My mother led her own powerful silent protest against societal pressure in 1979 by forging ahead and parenting me as she saw fit. Other mothers at the time were not afforded this opportunity, with many children separated from their parents within the mother and baby homes across Ireland at the time. The tragedy at the Tuam mother and baby home and the findings of the Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes illustrate the harsh environment in which women — mothers — were surviving.

My mother gave me the best start in life, cared for and supported me throughout my life, and still does to this day.

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What You Need To Know About Traditional Vs. Gestational Surrogacy

Source The List

In short, surrogacy is a method of reproduction where a third party carries a child for a couple who can not do so themselves, per Circle Surrogacy. There are many reasons a couple or individual may choose surrogacy. We see this method most often used with celebrities — in fact, there are likely many celebrities you didn’t know used a surrogate — but there are a variety of reasons non-celebs may turn to surrogacy. Some women are unable to carry a child for medical reasons and may turn to a surrogate to help them have a child. Other reasons for surrogacy include: infertility, potential parents having a genetic health condition they do not want to pass to their children, and LGBTQ+ parents who want to have a genetic tie to their child but can not do so biologically.

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Israelis stranded in Georgia with baby born to surrogate Ukrainian refugee mother

Source YNET News

For the past two months, an Israeli couple has remained stranded in the country of Georgia with their baby born to a refugee of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Sarit and Alex Haiman’s son was born on May 18 with the help of a Ukrainian surrogate mother, named Olga, who was extracted from the war torn country with her two children and smuggled into Georgia ahead of the birth.

Now that Olga has returned to Ukraine, the authorities are refusing to grant the baby a birth certificate due to being to born to a refugee, preventing the young family from leaving for Israel.

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Laura Benanti Welcomes Daughter Via Surrogate

Source Baby Gaga

Laura Benante, a Tony Award-winning actress, has shared that she has welcomed a baby via surrogate, and she shared pictures with her daughter

Laura Benanti has welcomed her daughter via a surrogate, and she has shared some sweet moments already. It can be easy to feel like the lives of celebrities and public figures are “easy,” and that they may never struggle with the same issues that we do. That is because they seem to have endless resources, both in terms of money and connections in the world, but they are just human like the rest of us. This means that they are vulnerable to real-life struggles like relationships, pregnancy, and motherhood. The only difference is that they have a platform to share it with.

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Source Page Six

Laura Benanti and her husband, Patrick Brown, introduced the world to their second baby girl, who was born via surrogate.laurabenanti/Instagram

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Laura Benanti has welcomed her second daughter via surrogate.

The Broadway star revealed the exciting news via Instagram over the weekend, sharing two sweet pics of her and husband Patrick Brown’s precious baby girl.

“Like many, the journey towards growing our family has had many challenges. However, our journey has also been marked by the privilege to pursue different paths to grow our family.”

Benanti went on to call her “remarkable surrogate” an “angel-on-earth.”

“[She] carried our precious girl and delivered her into our arms; an other-worldly generosity of spirit, body, and kindness that can never be repaid,” she wrote, adding, “Ella and Louisa 🌈 Rainbow babies. Rainbow sisters.”

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The men wanted two baby boys. Now they’re suing a fertility clinic because they got a girl.

Source The Paradise

A California couple has sued a fertility clinic, complaining that they ended up with a baby girl instead of the boy they had wanted. Albert and Anthony Saniger filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against HRC Fertility, as well as fertility specialist Dr. Bradford Kolb, claiming breach of contract, medical malpractice, negligence, fraudulent concealment and violation of the Unfair Competition Law and the Consumer Legal Remedies Act.

The Sanigers married in 2013, with the goal of having exactly two children, both boys. According to CBS News, the couple had chosen names for their wished-for sons, and even reserved Gmail accounts for them.

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UK – There’s now a Tinder-style app that will help people find a suitable surrogate

Source The Mirror

The Tinder-style app aims to bring people together based on their desire to make a baby – and was created by a family that struggled with fertility and felt they had no one to help them on their journey

Swipe right on….a person who could carry your baby? An egg donor? A fellow community member looking for a co-parent.

One new app takes Tinder to a new level as it aims to bring people together based on their desire to have a child.

Surrogacy app Rainbow will use artificial intelligence – similar to romance apps such as Bumble – to match people up looking to have a child.

Rainbow will ask users to set the criteria most important – such as location, age range, eye and hair colour, the Daily Mail reports.

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Surrogacy for commercial purposes more complicated


In the face of complicated developments in surrogacy for commercial purposes, and fetal sex selection, the Department of Maternal and Child Health under the Ministry of Health asked to strengthen the prevention and control of violations of the law on in vitro fertilization and surrogacy for humanitarian purposes.

In its official dispatch to departments of Health in provinces and cities, hospitals, the Military Medical Department under the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Health required medical establishments that are allowed to practice in vitro fertilization and surrogacy to strengthen measures to prevent confusion or exchange, sale and purchase of sperm/oocytes/embryos by perfecting the process of preventing sperm/ovum/embryo confusion and disseminating it to all employees.

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Surrogacy Planning: 10 Things Every Parent and Surrogate Should Know

Source Tech Bullion

If you decided to explore surrogate parenting as a family-building option, you’ve probably learned many services are on the market. It is hard to determine how much help you need and find the proper surrogacy practice for your circumstances.

This article will introduce what a “Surrogacy” is and what you need to do for planning to get the best surrogates in California and other states. Some agencies have had a longstanding track record, while others are newer to the industry. A few international options are available through overseas surrogate due diligence services and legalities.

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Celebrities Who Have Used Surrogates to Welcome Babies: Kim Kardashian, Nicole Kidman and More

Source Life & Style Magazine

Many celebrities have turned to using surrogates to make their dreams of becoming a parent, or adding to their existing family, a reality. These stars have used surrogates to achieve their baby dreams.

Kim Kardashian had two high-risk pregnancies when it came to her family with Kanye West. She suffered from a dangerous condition called placenta accreta when carrying daughter North, born in 2013, and son Saint, who arrived in 2015.

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UK – Mother in same-sex relationship will not have to adopt child to be recognised as parent

Source The Guardian

High court quashes adoption, which couple were forced into after registrar wrongly permitted only one mother’s name on child’s birth certificate

A woman in a same-sex relationship who was forced to adopt her child because officials refused to register her as her child’s mother has secured a high court ruling quashing the adoption.

Sarah Osborne, 48, and Helen Arnold, 48, had a baby with the help of IVF in 2014 but Osborne was forced to go through the “painful and humiliating” process of formally adopting her child – including being interviewed by social workers about her suitability as a parent and undergoing criminal records checks.

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Keeping Up With…Surrogacy Issues


The recent news that Khloe Kardashian is expecting a child through surrogacy with her ex Tristan Thompson – which we all know way too much about whether we want to or not – brings up many questions about surrogacy and the interplay with family law. Such as, is he still the dad?

Tristan and Khloe, who are the intended parents, likely entered into a gestational carrier agreement with their surrogate (and spouse) to outline the expectations for parental rights, genetic material, embryo transfers, and medical needs, insurance, compensation, privacy and future communication, and other aspects such as rights to an abortion. The parties have their own attorneys to counsel on negotiating the agreement and should have gone through psychological screening and counseling sessions prior to signing the agreement.

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New Zealand ‘Our last chance’: Men search for surrogate to help make dad dream come true


When Barry and Quinton Keyser met over a bonfire on a full moon South African night, they had no idea that the following 15 years would be spent on a heart-wrenching quest to become parents.

The couple travelled to New Zealand from South Africa 10 years ago with two bags of clothing and $6000 in their pockets.

Barry, a nursing practitioner, and office manager Quinton gained New Zealand residency and studied towards their chosen careers, eventually buying and renovating the Manawatū home they share with their three toy poodles Jasper, Gemma and Ruby.

But there is a big piece of the family puzzle missing, and both men feel they are slowly running out of time to find a path to parenthood.

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Ireland – Assisted reproduction bill may only deal with retrospective international surrogacy cases

Source Business Post

The Irish government has struggled to come up with a framework that ethically addresses that parentage issue without endorsing and facilitating international commercial surrogacy

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50-year-old ‘surro-granny’ and mother of eight gives birth to her own granddaughter

Source News24

Kaitlyn and her mom, Chalise, holding baby Alayna. (PHOTO: Instagram/creatingourfam)

Chalise Smith (50), from Utah in the US, made her daughter Kaitlyn Munoz’s (25) dreams come true when she gave birth to her own granddaughter and her daughter’s baby girl.

Kaitlyn, the third of eight children, had always dreamed of having a big family of her own but health issues prevented her and her husband, Miguel, from conceiving.

After Kaitlyn was diagnosed with endometriosis, the couple began the emotionally taxing journey of conceiving through IVF. It all proved worth it though, when the couple had their first child, Callahan.

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India – There is a dire need to regulate fertility clinics

Source The Hans India

Recently, the Department of Health Research (DHR), under the Union Health Ministry, has constituted the National Assisted Reproductive Technology and Surrogacy Board (NARTSB) headed by the Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare as the chairperson. The constitution of the Board is part of the implementation of the Assisted Reproductive Technology (Regulation) Act, 2021 and the Surrogacy (Regulation) Act, 2021 to regulate Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) clinics, banks and surrogacy in the country.

The ART (Regulation) Act was notified by the Central government on December 21, 2021and the Surrogacy (Regulation) Act was notified on December 25, 2021. Under the Act, the NARTSB has powers to advise the Central government on policy matters relating to the ART, to review and monitor the implementation of the Act, rules and regulations, to lay down code of conduct to be observed by persons working at clinics and banks, to set the minimum standards of physical infrastructure, laboratory and diagnostic equipment and expert manpower to be employed by the clinics and banks. The board also has to oversee the performance of various bodies constituted under the Act and supervise the functioning of the National Registry and liaison with the State Boards and pass orders as per the provisions made under the Act.

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Utah mom, 50, gives birth to her granddaughter as a surrogate

(Instagram / Kaitlyn Munoz)

Source Yahoo!

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A Utah mom has given birth to her granddaughter as a surrogate for her daughter, who was unable to carry her own child.

Chalise Smith – a 50-year-old mother of eight – gave birth to her granddaughter on 17 May, after her daughter Kaitlyn Munoz had struggled with infertility for three years.

Munoz, 25, was told she should not attempt another pregnancy after being diagnosed with endometriosis, and later Sjögren’s syndrome – a disease in which a person’s immune system mistakenly attacks the body’s cells and tissues.

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Waiting list for surrogates at record high in Idaho


Nationwide Egg Donation and Surrogacy in Meridian is seeing fewer women sign up to become surrogates, causing long waitlists for people hoping to become parents.

MERIDIAN, Idaho — Many people dream of becoming a parent, whether it’s a couple or an individual. Those who experience infertility, pregnancy loss, or cannot safely carry a baby to term, turn to surrogates to help them achieve that dream, but there aren’t enough surrogates to meet the current need.

“A surrogate is someone that is carrying somebody else’s biological child,” said Tiffany Valentine, president of Nationwide Egg Donation and Surrogacy. “So, the surrogate is not carrying a baby that does not have any genetic relation to her. She’s just the amazing person carrying it for a family.”

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Couple Welcomes Son via Surrogate Just 3 Days Before Wife Gives Birth to Daughter: ‘We Were All Crying’

Source People

James Wakefield McCord; Meredith “Bo” with Mary Clark McCord | CREDIT: WOMEN’S MEDICAL CENTER, BROOKWOOD BAPTIST HEALTH (2)

After four years, a Tennessee couple’s dream of becoming parents finally came true — twice!

Clay and Meredith “Bo” McCord welcomed their first child, son James Wakefield McCord, via surrogate on Mother’s Day, according to a release from Brookwood Baptist Health. Then three days later, Bo delivered their daughter, Mary Clark McCord.

“We couldn’t be happier,” the new dad said in a statement.

“Seeing my child for the first time was such an emotional experience,” he added. “To do it all again just three days later and welcome our little girl, I just can’t describe the joy.”

The couple had three miscarriages and went through two rounds of in vitro fertilization before reaching out to friend Katie Morse to see if she would be their surrogate.

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