Laura Benanti Welcomes Daughter Via Surrogate

Source Baby Gaga

Laura Benante, a Tony Award-winning actress, has shared that she has welcomed a baby via surrogate, and she shared pictures with her daughter

Laura Benanti has welcomed her daughter via a surrogate, and she has shared some sweet moments already. It can be easy to feel like the lives of celebrities and public figures are “easy,” and that they may never struggle with the same issues that we do. That is because they seem to have endless resources, both in terms of money and connections in the world, but they are just human like the rest of us. This means that they are vulnerable to real-life struggles like relationships, pregnancy, and motherhood. The only difference is that they have a platform to share it with.

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Nigeria – I had baby through surrogacy, I still have several frozen eggs — Ini Edo

Source The Eagle Online

Nollywood actress, Ini Edo, has confirmed reports of her welcoming a daughter through a surrogate mother.

After days of keeping silent, the actress eventually opened up in an interview with Stella Korkus, which was published on Friday.

Surrogacy is a practice where a woman (a surrogate) carries a child for another person through artificial insemination of eggs.

While confirming the report, the actress stated that the daughter was genetically hers because her eggs were used to fertilise the child.

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