Surrogacy, Traditional surrogacy

What You Need To Know About Traditional Vs. Gestational Surrogacy

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In short, surrogacy is a method of reproduction where a third party carries a child for a couple who can not do so themselves, per Circle Surrogacy. There are many reasons a couple or individual may choose surrogacy. We see this method most often used with celebrities — in fact, there are likely many celebrities you didn’t know used a surrogate — but there are a variety of reasons non-celebs may turn to surrogacy. Some women are unable to carry a child for medical reasons and may turn to a surrogate to help them have a child. Other reasons for surrogacy include: infertility, potential parents having a genetic health condition they do not want to pass to their children, and LGBTQ+ parents who want to have a genetic tie to their child but can not do so biologically.

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