Portugal – Portuguese parliament approves surrogacy

Source Macau Business

Portuguese parliament approved on Friday the law authorizing surrogacy, which is the commercial contract that allows the hiring of a woman to be pregnant and give birth to a child who will be delivered to other people.

The new diploma received positive opinions from the National Council for Medically Assisted Procreation and the Portuguese Society for Reproductive Medicine, which added an article limiting this right to natural citizens or permanent residents of Portugal.

According to the approved law, the pregnant woman for hire must have already been the mother of her own child.

It is also decided that the contract should receive prior authorization from the National Council for Medically Assisted Procreation, which is the Portuguese entity that oversees the entire process.

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Antiquated Michigan Law Forces Couple to Adopt Their Own Babies Born Via Surrogate

Source WCRZ

Tammy and Jordan Myers are facing an uphill climb. The Michigan couple is fighting to adopt their own biological twin babies which were born via surrogate.

This isn’t a plot on a daytime soap opera. The Grand Rapids couple finds themselves up against Michigan’s Surrogate Parenting Act. The 1988 law makes compensated surrogacy illegal in our state and says that even if a surrogacy isn’t compensated, any agreement made between parties won’t be recognized in court.

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Mother From California Helped Two Couples Start a Family

Source Get News

Sunshine Hanson is not a typical woman. She’s a loving mother, a devoted wife, she runs her own business, and aside from that she also helped two couples grow their families. 

How? By carrying their children through gestational surrogacy. Gestational surrogacy is when a healthy woman carries a pregnancy on behalf of the intended parents through IVF or In-Vitro Fertilization. IVF is a type of assisted reproduction that helps women get pregnant and, in the case of gestational surrogacy, the child is not related to the surrogate at all.

It is quite a complicated process especially for those that are not familiar with it but surrogacy is widely practiced in the United States. In fact, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, between 1999 to 2013 there were 18,400 infants born via a surrogate 8,581 (64%) were single births, 4,566 (34%) were twins, and 233 (2%) were triplets or more.

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Ethics Of Surrogacy: The Case Of Baby “Luna” Abandoned In Ukraine

Source Works Crunch

ROME — The story of the surrogate child born in Kiev, and then abandoned by its would-be Italian parents, is filled with deep sadness. No child should ever be let go.

And yet, it happens. It happens when a woman decides to give birth anonymously, and the baby is then given up for adoption. Or when a child is placed in temporary foster care, but then never returns to the family of origin. It happens with some premature-born babies who, after being kept alive with the help of sophisticated therapies, will never be picked up by their parents because of a disability. It even happens with adoption: those rare occasions when the kid is returned, putting him or her through a dramatic “double abandonment.”

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UK – When I became a surrogate for strangers, my seven-year-old daughter was with me every step of the way

Source Metro UK

Right from the beginning, this pregnancy felt so different from the first time.

For one, now I was a surrogate for a couple that desperately wanted a baby. And instead of feeling embarrassment and discomfort, as was common during my first pregnancy, this time I was determined to embrace it and enjoy every second.

When I was 21, I accidentally fell pregnant after a casual fling. I felt lonely, ashamed and frightened.

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Spanish Evangelical Alliance on surrogacy: “It exploits and commodifies women”

Source Evangelical Focus

The Bioethics Working Group of the Spanish Evangelical Alliance (AEE) has published a document analysing the issue of surrogacy.

The text, the first in the Spanish evangelical sphere to address this specific issue, is structured in different sections that present a definition of this practice and a reflection from several points of view, such as theological, social or ethical, and ends with proposals for a near future.

The AEE justifies its publication by the importance that surrogacy has gained in the social and political debate in recent years, and also because of the lack of specific legal regulation of this practice, which is prohibited in Spain but allows babies born through surrogacy in other countries to be registered in the Civil Registry.

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Jamaica – Letter of the Day | Surrogacy should be legitimised

Source Jamaica Gleaner

From as far back as 2014, there has been discourse in the local media surrounding surrogacy. Since then, publications have been sparse with latest being made in The Gleaner in 2019, which highlighted that Jamaican women are involved in surrogacy tourism.

Currently, there are no laws that regulate surrogacy in Jamaica and with that there is an increased likelihood of human rights abuses against surrogate mothers. There is also the issue of lack of legal protection for intended parents to ensure their full custody of the child/children after birth. It is, therefore, imperative that surrogacy be legitimised in Jamaica. The easiest way to facilitate this, I believe, would be through amendments to existing legislation, namely the Children (Guardianship and Custody) Act and the Children (Adoption of) Act.

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‘Australia’s oldest surrogate’ is carrying a baby for her daughter who was born without a uterus

Source Metro

‘There is nobody else I’d rather be going through this with’ (Picture: Meagan White / Caters)

At the age of 17, Meagan White was diagnosed with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH) – a condition that meant she was born without a uterus and could never carry a child.

So as an adult, Meagan decided to opt for a surrogate to start a family – but was left heartbroken when the baby passed away at 21 weeks and Covid travel restrictions prevented another attempt.

However there was still hope, as Meagan’s mum Maree Arnold soon discovered she could carry a child for her daughter.

Now the 54-year-old is 30 weeks pregnant with her own grandchild.

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NZ – Outgoing Children’s Commissioner Andrew Becroft joins fight to have surrogate child’s dead mother recorded on birth certificateOutgoing Children’s Commissioner Andrew Becroft joins fight to have surrogate child’s dead mother recorded on birth certificate

Source Newshub

The outgoing Children’s Commissioner is joining the fight to get a surrogate child’s mother’s name recorded on her birth certificate, calling the situation “sad beyond words”.

Paige is the only child in New Zealand who has been stripped of her mother’s identity on her birth certificate. Instead of her mum’s name, it simply says “not recorded”.

Judge Andrew Becroft used his last day as Children’s Commissioner to bring attention to 18-month-old Paige’s situation – which Newshub first brought to light earlier this month. 

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Surrogate Mom Gives Birth to Baby Whose Parents Wanted to Abort, Finds New Parents for Her

Source Amomama

In 2011, 29-year-old Crystal Kelley sat with two parents of 3 kids on a playground in Vernon, Connecticut, convinced that they were perfect candidates. This single and struggling mom had been searching for individuals who wanted to pay her to carry their baby. 

At the beginning of the surrogacy process, everyone was ecstatic. However, tragic news would barge into their lives, leading to a series of dramatic events, only to be seen in the movies. 

That beautiful day on the playground soon faded into a faint memory, now filled with pain. Doctors, five months into the pregnancy, revealed devastating news to the parents and the surrogate. 

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Ireland – ‘I will not be recognised as my own child’s mother’ — Georgie Crawford on surrogacy challenges


Former radio presenter Georgie Crawford has opened up about the challenges of surrogacy amid reports that the Government will delay legislation on the issue due to legal difficulties.

In an emotional Instagram post, the Good Glow podcaster called on the Government to change the surrogacy laws and provide ‘a pathway to parenthood’.

Ms Crawford pursued surrogacy after she was diagnosed with breast cancer and placed on tamoxifen medication, which reduces the chance of cancer recurring. However, the medication is not recommended for use during pregnancy due to unknown effects on the unborn child.

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She was struggling with infertility. Her best friend was pregnant. Would their friendship survive?


When I called up Mel, my best friend of 15 years, to tell her I was pregnant, she replied with a whisper: “Can I hang up now?”

Throughout their years-long infertility journey, Mel and her partner spent upwards of $50,000, enduring five miscarriages and four failed in vitro fertilizations. I’d been one of the few friends Mel opened up to, and she’d been there for me when I miscarried six months earlier. Sometimes sharing pain is easier than sharing joy.

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UK – Venturing into the realms of world surrogacyVenturing into the realms of world surrogacy

Source Legal Futures

With surrogacy statistics now showing that Parental Orders have increased four-fold in the last ten years in England and Wales, it is an encouraging sign that England and Wales are beginning to identify itself as a preferred choice of venue for surrogacy on an altruistic basis. In addition to that with the expected changes in 2022 it does leave most professionals and academics in this field feeling positive about the future ahead in the field of surrogacy and fertility law.  The Law Commission is currently undertaking an independent review of surrogacy in England and Wales, and this is expected to conclude in 2022.

Parental Orders, which transfer legal parentage from the surrogate in England and Wales rose from 117 in 2011 to 413 in 2020, as identified by a report from Kent University.  Statistics suggest that at least two-third of applicants are now mixed-sex couples. In 2020 it was recorded that 413 parental orders were issued to Intended Parents.  With the increase in Parental Orders and that including same-sex couples it can be said that ‘there is a need for a uniformed structure’ to asset all Intended Parents.

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Irish same-sex couple ‘so relieved’ after both being legally recognised as parents of their children

Source News Talk

An Irish woman says she and her wife are “so relieved” after becoming one of the first same-sex couples in Ireland to both be legally recognised as parents of their children.

However, she says they can’t celebrate fully until other LGBT+ parents and their children receive the same legal protections they have.

Activist and CEO of Equality for Children Ranae Von Meding appeared on Wednesday in a Dublin court for the final step in a five-year fight

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Surrogacy: ‘As soon as I lay a foot on Irish soil I become a legal stranger to my son’

Source Image

Rosanna Davison is one of many parents speaking out against the strict laws in place for international surrogacy. It’s after reports this week that the Irish Government is considering a deferral of part of the assisted human reproductive bill due to legal difficulties. Amanda Cassidy speaks to three Irish families about their experiences of surrogacy and how they’ve been impacted by the gap in our laws.

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Quebec to regulate surrogate pregnancies as part of major update to family law

Source CTV News

MONTREAL — Quebec is ready to recognize and regulate the use of surrogate pregnancies in a new bill that would come with significant updates to the province’s family law.

Justice Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette introduced on Thursday Bill 2 to reform family law to adjust it to new social realities.

Currently, in Quebec, contracts signed between a surrogate mother and the intended parents have no legal value under the Civil Code.

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‘I Don’t Like Really Talking About It Because It Makes Me Emotional’: Kandi Burruss Reveals Hurtful Comment She Received After Deciding to Use a Surrogate

Source Yahoo

Kandi Burruss is opening up a bit about being a mom, including a personal experience regarding a comment that proved hurtful as it relates to Burruss’ decision to use a surrogate for the birth of her last child.

On Oct. 21, Burruss opened up about motherhood to People’s new “Me Becoming A Mom” podcast, where she shared the hurtful comment someone made about her choice to have a child via surrogate. The reality star from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” — stepmom to Kaela Tucker, 25, and mom to Riley Burruss, 19, Ace Tucker, 5, and Blaze Tucker, 1 — welcomed her daughter Blaze via surrogate.

The decision to involve a surrogate came after Burruss experienced some difficulty with naturally conceiving. Burruss has already said in the past that the decision to use a surrogate was not an easy one, so when someone questioned it, she said, “it really hurt my feelings.”

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Woman Agreed To Conceive A Child For Her Facebook Friend Over Messenger And Now Wants The Baby Back

Source Your Tango

Photo: DenPhotos / Shutterstock.Com

Early in 2017, a Massachusetts woman and her fiancé discovered that neither of them could conceive a child and turned to Facebook to find someone who would do it for them.

“[W]ho wants to pop out a baby for my [fiancee] and I?!” she wrote, according to court documents.

“Hey, if you and [fiancé] were serious about a baby … then I would do it,” replied her childhood friend.

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New Zealand – Why it’s time to change our archaic and unnecessary surrogacy laws 

Source The Spinoff


In Aotearoa, parents who conceive via a surrogate must formally adopt a baby who was always intended to be theirs. Now, a member’s bill looks set to change a time-consuming, expensive and exhausting process. It’s about time, writes Hannah Gibson.

At its essence, surrogacy is about people working together with others, centrally the surrogate, to fulfil their dream of having a family. For three years as a part of my anthropological research, I immersed myself in the complex world of surrogacy in Aotearoa, and found that the existing laws around adoption and surrogacy were one of the most loathed and archaic parts of the journey for new parents and surrogates alike.

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Nigeria -No respite for infertile couples as treatment cost skyrockets

Source Vanguard

When Doris, a 30-year-old civil servant suffered series of successive pregnancy failures, she and her spouse were encouraged to seek specialized pregnancy care service.

Before then, the couple had tried to conceive for more than six years going from one doctor to another until a gynaecologist diagnosed Doris with incompetent (blocked) fallopian tubes and referred her to a fertility specialist.

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