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India – Compensatory surrogacy, a new concept

Source Deccan Chronicle

Hyderabad: Compensatory surrogacy, and not altruistic surrogacy, was recommended by the Telangana infertility specialists in their discussion and debate at the conference of Indian Fertility Society’s Telangana Chapter on Sunday.

The central government, in its amendment of Surrogacy Regulation Bill 2016, has stated that commercial surrogacy is prohibited and there must be a 16-month insurance coverage provided by the commissioning parents to the surrogate to deal with medical complications. The Founder of IFS, Dr Kuldeep Jain, explained, “Altruistic surrogacy is not possible as, with nuclear families and with near and dear ones not being in the same city, it is not found to be possible. There is only 1 per cent chance for this type of surrogacy as only someone who is really very concerned, free and can do it selflessly for the couple will come forward.”

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Italy’s deputy prime minister calls gay parents ‘unnatural’ and surrogacy ‘a horror’

Source Pink News

The Italian deputy prime minister has called same-sex parents ‘unnatural’ and vowed to keep all families heterosexual.

Matteo Salvini, the far-right leader of the Northern League party, has risen to popularity on the back of rhetoric against migrants, Islam and the European Union.

Soon after becoming deputy prime minister in June alongside Five Star Movement leader Luigi di Maio, the two nationalist politicians tried to appoint anti-LGBT+ journalist Marcello Foa as the head of public broadcaster Rai.

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IVF risks

UK – Women seeking IVF warned on egg donations

Source Express

Research shows collecting more than 15 eggs in a single cycle significantly increases the risk of hospitalisation and side effects.

The data, released in response to a series of questions submitted by Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh, will form part of a new parliamentary campaign to protect the health of women and unborn babies.
Between 2014 and 2017, there were 7,497 donors, of whom 975 donated more than the “safe” number of eggs.

Research shows that 144 women donated more than 40 eggs in a year, 56 gave more than 50 and 23 donated more than 60.

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Egg Freezing

UK – PLATELL’S PEOPLE: Egg-freezing clinics are misleading women and distracting them from finding their dream partner 

Source Daily Mail

When Rita Ora announced she was freezing her eggs at the age of 26, saying: ‘Why not put them away and then you never have to worry about it again?’, many were shocked by her brutally matter-of-fact approach to motherhood.

But she was merely taking advantage of modern reproductive techniques. Indeed, this week, fertility experts confirmed the practical wisdom of the singer’s actions.

Research shows that women who wait to freeze their eggs in their late-30s — the vast majority who undergo the procedure — have very little chance of success. These findings contradict the impression given by fertility clinics which don’t necessarily tell older women about the low chances of conceiving.

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Sperm Donor Identified

Anonymous Sperm Donors May Be Identified By Their (Many!) Offspring, Thanks To New Law

Source Above The Law

Donor reveal parties may be the new gender reveal parties. The days of the Delivery Man are upon us. The fictional comedy where a humble delivery driver discovers he is the genetic father of over a hundred children, thanks to donating sperm in his youth to make a little cash, is looking less fictional by the day. While promises of anonymity once made sperm and egg donations appealing to many, those promises are becoming impossible to keep. Aside from the practical and shockingly easy ways donor-conceived children are finding their donors — like commercial DNA tests, or the trusty ol’ internet — some jurisdictions are changing their laws, and banishing anonymity altogether.

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Traditional surrogacy

I Chose To Be A Surrogate Mother. I Didn’t Know It Would Break My Heart.

Source Huffington Post

After nearly 48 hours of grueling labor, my first-born child slipped from my body and was placed into her father’s arms.

As I listened to the sound of her first cries, my heart both soared and shattered. At just 22 years old, I gave birth as a traditional surrogate mother, meaning I used my egg to conceive with the intention of having a baby for someone else to raise. Traditional surrogacy is less common than gestational surrogacy, which involves the surrogate carrying a child who is not genetically related to her. This is primarily because of the legal and emotional complexities involved in traditional surrogacy. 

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Israel, Surrogacy

Israel – Is the push for surrogacy rights a humanitarian cause?

Source Israel National News


The demand to expand surrogacy for male couples has been described by some in recent weeks to be a humanitarian cause, but the issue is a lot more complex underneath the surface.

A study conducted by Dr. Etty Samma revealed certain aspects on the phenomenon of surrogacy that are generally ignored by the Israeli media.

“With some of the women who agreed to this, and with the approval of the Ethics Committee, I conducted in-depth interviews and talked about the process they underwent,” explained Dr. Samma.

“The interviews dealt with more than 100 surrogacy procedures, both parents and surrogates.”

Dr. Samma discovered that in fact a good number perhaps most don’t finish the surrogacy until birth.

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Canada, Surrogacy

Canada – How to fix Quebec’s surrogacy laws

Source National Magazine

Though surrogacy is legal in Canada, surrogacy contracts are mostly deemed unenforceable throughout the country. In Quebec, they are qualified as “absolutely null” under the Civil Code’s article 541. That means that in Quebec a woman who agrees to carry a child for another individual or intended parents is deemed a threat to public order. So the contract, whether verbal or in written form, may not be enforced. But in an article recently published in the Canadian Bar Review, McGill University’s Stefanie Carsley notes that lawmakers have largely failed at dissuading people from taking the risk of entering surrogacy arrangements. Intended parents in the province have sought ways around the unenforceability issue by applying to the courts for legal status through adoption – more specifically through special adoption. This allows one birth parent to maintain their bond of filiation while their spouse adopts the child. Carsley reviews recent Quebec case law addressing article 541 and concludes that the province’s legal framework is failing all parties:
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Surrogate Mother, UK

UK – My Family Was Complete But I Wanted To Birth Another Child, So I Became A Surrogate

Source Huffington Post

Surrogacy had never even crossed my mind. The urge however to be pregnant and give birth again was strong and real. A kind of primal urge. But I knew my family was complete, with a husband, a daughter and a son. We were done. My body had other ideas though.

I knew it was probably a bad idea to have a third child just for a birth experience! So when my friend Stacey asked me what I knew about surrogacy it was like a light bulb actually went off in my head. Here was a bone fide way to scratch my pregnancy and birthing itch but without adding to my family. With the added bonus of helping another couple to start or complete their family. What a head spin.

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Kenya, Surrogacy Law

Kenya – Trying to hand over a surrogate baby to the intended parents might land the parties involved in court with charges of child trafficking.

Source National

Four years ago, Kenya first confronted the issue of surrogacy and the legal gaps that surround a science that has been around for ages. It came in the form of a landmark case that began in hospital.

After giving birth at a private hospital in Nairobi, a surrogate mother declined to put her name on the birth notification, saying that the intended parents for whom she had carried the pregnancy would sign it.

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sister surrogate mother, UK

UK – Woman whose SISTER offered to carry her baby finally realises her dream of becoming a mother – after being warned falling pregnant could KILL her

Source Daily Mail

Lauren Hooper, 31, and her husband Michael, 36, of Okehampton, Devon, met their little girl Rae when she was born last month on July 24, after nine months inside Lauren’s sister Ebony Hutt’s womb.

In 2014 Lauren was devastated to be told that, because she’d been born with a hole in her heart, a malformation of the pulmonary artery and collateral arteries to the lungs, carrying a child could prove fatal – to both her and a baby.

As she was about to give up hope of starting a family, Lauren’s sister, Ebony, 35, herself a mother of two, offered to act as the couple’s surrogate.   

After three failed implantation attempts, Ebony fell pregnant at the end of 2017, and, last month, gave birth to her niece, Rae Ebony Ann Hooper.

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China, IVF

Parental hopefuls seek fertile ground overseas


The easing of China’s family planning policy was a boon for Zhang Yinhe and his wife Xu Mengsha, who had decided to freeze an embryo for use during in vitro fertilization in the hope of having a second child someday.

However, in China most IVF procedures are restricted to infertile couples, and reproductive clinics have been overwhelmed with hopeful couples since the family planning policy was scrapped two years ago, which meant Zhang and Xu faced a long wait before they could have the procedure.

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Australia, Sperm Donor Children

Law ending sperm donor secrecy helps Australian find her dad


In this Thursday, May 17, 2018, photo, Peter Peacock, 68, left, and Gypsy Diamond, 36, pose for a portrait after an interview with The Associated Press, in Melbourne, Australia. Peacock, who donated sperm anonymously around 1980, was recently contacted by Diamond, his biological daughter, after a new law in Australia retroactively removed the anonymity granted to sperm donors decades ago. (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E), The Associated Press

MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) — For Peter Peacock, fate arrived in the form of a registered letter.

The letter, at least initially, looked to be a bit of a letdown. Peacock had gone to the post office expecting the delivery of a big, furry aviator jacket he’d ordered online. And so it was with little fanfare that the Australian grandfather and retired cop tore the envelope open as he walked back to his car — at which point he stopped dead in his tracks.

“Dear Mr Peacock,” the letter began. “The Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority (VARTA) has received an enquiry of a personal nature which may or may not relate to you. The matter concerns a record held in relation to a project you may have assisted with at Prince Henry’s Institute.”

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Surrogacy, Surrogate Mother

Cochrane mom gives gift of life

Source Cochrane Eagle

One Tuesday afternoon last fall, Heidi Rousseau was attending a Bible gathering for moms. It was there that the course of her life in the months and the year ahead would completely alter.

Rousseau, a mother of four, was approached by a recent acquaintance, Chantelle Toews, who shared a troubling predicament faced by her family – Toews could not bear any more children due to a complication in the delivery of her first child.

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Australia, Sperm Donor Registry

Australia law identifies once-secret sperm donors

Source CTVNews

MELBOURNE, Australia – For Peter Peacock, fate arrived in the form of a registered letter.

The letter looked to be a bit of a letdown. Peacock had gone to the post office expecting an aviator jacket he’d ordered online. The Australian grandfather tore the envelope open as he walked to his car – at which point he stopped dead in his tracks.

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One Country Protests For Access To Surrogacy, Another Arrests Surrogates

Source Above The Law

Last week, I wrote about the 60,000 Israelis who gathered in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, among other places in Israel, to protest the lack of LGBTQ access to surrogacy for Israeli families. For those who read my column, you are likely familiar with the wide range of treatment of surrogacy around the world. So while the Israeli public is clearly mobilized on this issue to fight discrimination, in other parts of the world, countries are doing much more to stifle surrogacy options. Some countries go so far as to criminalize the practice.

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children from egg and/or sperm donor, Uncategorized

She worries her child, conceived with a donor egg, will face discrimination from family

Source Tribune Live

Dear Carolyn:
I am pregnant with a child conceived with a donor egg and my husband’s sperm. I also have a young son. It has been a long, complicated and painful process of secondary infertility, and I was lucky to find an excellent therapist who helped immensely.

Now that I am finally pregnant, I am trying to figure out how, when and whether to disclose. I believe the child has the right to know his or her genetic heritage. Secrecy is not healthy. On the other hand, we have close family members who will treat this child differently than his or her brother and other relatives

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