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UK – Venturing into the realms of world surrogacyVenturing into the realms of world surrogacy

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With surrogacy statistics now showing that Parental Orders have increased four-fold in the last ten years in England and Wales, it is an encouraging sign that England and Wales are beginning to identify itself as a preferred choice of venue for surrogacy on an altruistic basis. In addition to that with the expected changes in 2022 it does leave most professionals and academics in this field feeling positive about the future ahead in the field of surrogacy and fertility law.  The Law Commission is currently undertaking an independent review of surrogacy in England and Wales, and this is expected to conclude in 2022.

Parental Orders, which transfer legal parentage from the surrogate in England and Wales rose from 117 in 2011 to 413 in 2020, as identified by a report from Kent University.  Statistics suggest that at least two-third of applicants are now mixed-sex couples. In 2020 it was recorded that 413 parental orders were issued to Intended Parents.  With the increase in Parental Orders and that including same-sex couples it can be said that ‘there is a need for a uniformed structure’ to asset all Intended Parents.

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Irish same-sex couple ‘so relieved’ after both being legally recognised as parents of their children

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An Irish woman says she and her wife are “so relieved” after becoming one of the first same-sex couples in Ireland to both be legally recognised as parents of their children.

However, she says they can’t celebrate fully until other LGBT+ parents and their children receive the same legal protections they have.

Activist and CEO of Equality for Children Ranae Von Meding appeared on Wednesday in a Dublin court for the final step in a five-year fight

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Surrogacy: ‘As soon as I lay a foot on Irish soil I become a legal stranger to my son’

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Rosanna Davison is one of many parents speaking out against the strict laws in place for international surrogacy. It’s after reports this week that the Irish Government is considering a deferral of part of the assisted human reproductive bill due to legal difficulties. Amanda Cassidy speaks to three Irish families about their experiences of surrogacy and how they’ve been impacted by the gap in our laws.

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Quebec to regulate surrogate pregnancies as part of major update to family law

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MONTREAL — Quebec is ready to recognize and regulate the use of surrogate pregnancies in a new bill that would come with significant updates to the province’s family law.

Justice Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette introduced on Thursday Bill 2 to reform family law to adjust it to new social realities.

Currently, in Quebec, contracts signed between a surrogate mother and the intended parents have no legal value under the Civil Code.

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‘I Don’t Like Really Talking About It Because It Makes Me Emotional’: Kandi Burruss Reveals Hurtful Comment She Received After Deciding to Use a Surrogate

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Kandi Burruss is opening up a bit about being a mom, including a personal experience regarding a comment that proved hurtful as it relates to Burruss’ decision to use a surrogate for the birth of her last child.

On Oct. 21, Burruss opened up about motherhood to People’s new “Me Becoming A Mom” podcast, where she shared the hurtful comment someone made about her choice to have a child via surrogate. The reality star from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” — stepmom to Kaela Tucker, 25, and mom to Riley Burruss, 19, Ace Tucker, 5, and Blaze Tucker, 1 — welcomed her daughter Blaze via surrogate.

The decision to involve a surrogate came after Burruss experienced some difficulty with naturally conceiving. Burruss has already said in the past that the decision to use a surrogate was not an easy one, so when someone questioned it, she said, “it really hurt my feelings.”

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Woman Agreed To Conceive A Child For Her Facebook Friend Over Messenger And Now Wants The Baby Back

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Early in 2017, a Massachusetts woman and her fiancé discovered that neither of them could conceive a child and turned to Facebook to find someone who would do it for them.

“[W]ho wants to pop out a baby for my [fiancee] and I?!” she wrote, according to court documents.

“Hey, if you and [fiancé] were serious about a baby … then I would do it,” replied her childhood friend.

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New Zealand – Why it’s time to change our archaic and unnecessary surrogacy laws 

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In Aotearoa, parents who conceive via a surrogate must formally adopt a baby who was always intended to be theirs. Now, a member’s bill looks set to change a time-consuming, expensive and exhausting process. It’s about time, writes Hannah Gibson.

At its essence, surrogacy is about people working together with others, centrally the surrogate, to fulfil their dream of having a family. For three years as a part of my anthropological research, I immersed myself in the complex world of surrogacy in Aotearoa, and found that the existing laws around adoption and surrogacy were one of the most loathed and archaic parts of the journey for new parents and surrogates alike.

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Surrogate Mom Called a ‘Baby Seller’ after Giving Birth to Two Kids for Other Families

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Motherhood is a phenomenon that many people tend to take for granted. While nothing can compare to the joy of becoming a mother to a child, not everyone is lucky to experience this feeling in their lifetime.

This is where alternative methods like surrogacy come into play, though it’s debatable whether or not they should be opted for in the first place. 

However, when Caitlyn C from Florida became a surrogate to help people who couldn’t have children, she was insulted and called a “baby seller” for choosing it as a way of life. Talking about the vile comments she often receives, she added: 

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India – Fake surrogacy scam busted: 5-member gang arrested, 11 children rescued, 18 more to be tracked in Karnataka

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The Bengaluru’s South Division Police managed to bust a well-networked five-member gang that was running a surrogacy racket and cheated childless couples.

The gang involving five members consists of two women and three men. According to reports, two of them are working as a nurse and one as a compounder at a private hospital.

Seeing the desperation among childless couples, the gang members used to look for gullible ones and then track them from fertility centers and source their contacts and later used to give them offers.

Meanwhile, some from the team used to scout for poor and helpless families that are willing to sell their newborn and little old babies.

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Common causes of anxiety for intended parents at the beginning of their family building journey via surrogacy centers around finding the right surrogate match. When it’s time for the all important first “match meeting” there are some tried and true tips that help intended parents.

One of the most common causes of anxiety for intended parents at the beginning of their family building journey via surrogacy centers around the issue of finding the right surrogate match. Although there are universal criteria that all surrogates must pass in order to even be considered a suitable carrier, there are additional unique characteristics of all individuals that will make a certain match better or worse suited for you. When it’s time for the all important first “match meeting” there are some tried and true tips that help intended parents determine if it’s the right match, while at the same time setting the stage for an emotionally healthy, respectful journey ahead.

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‘Born out of love’: Surrogate in Ohio gives birth to rare identical triplets for Michigan dads

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AKRON, Ohio — When identical triplets Parker, Robin and Sylvie O’Neill are old enough to understand the full story of their journey to birth, they will learn about a story of serendipity, love and selflessness.

The 1-month-old girls are the daughters of husbands Kevin O’Neill and Eric Portenga of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Their surrogate was Maureen Farris of West Akron, Ohio.

“We love these girls’ birth story, and I hope someday we can sit around the table and share it with them and tell them and they’ll love it as well and be proud of it as we are,” Farris said.

The girls were born Sept. 9 by cesarean section at Cleveland Clinic Akron General and taken directly to the neonatal intensive care unit at Akron General. They spent 18 days in the NICU.

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Becoming a Parent Through Surrogacy Can Have Ethical Challenges — but It is a Positive Experience for Some

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In her new book, actress Gabrielle Union became the latest celebrity to discuss her decision to become a parent via surrogacy. She joins the ranks of household names such as Neil Patrick Harris, Nicole Kidman, Kim Kardashian, all of whom have hired a surrogate to give birth to their future child.

The publicity Union generated about surrogacy reignited ethical questions about this controversial form of assisted reproduction that range from whether women should be able to sell their reproductive abilities to what it means to be a parent.

There is global disagreement about the ethics of surrogacy. Several countries have banned it, while others have limited its scope. In the United States, laws permitting surrogacy vary by state.

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Fighting for surrogacy in MI, couples share their infertility stories

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A photo of Rachael Lang (front left) and her cousins. (Courtesy Rachael Lang)

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Rachael Lang grew up around lots of cousins, and she loved it.

“That’s what I wanted for my kids, to be close in age to their cousins,” said Lang from her living room in Grand Rapids

“Our niece and nephew are going to be five this year. So, every time I talked to my sister-in-law about that, I would just cry because I would count how many years apart our kids would be, and that was really hard for me to think about,” she said.

Lang had planned to have children of her own by now.

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UK – Surrogacy, Covid-19 and Travel – What if I’m separated From My Baby?

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In the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen numerous cases of Intended Parents sadly separated from their children born via surrogacy, because of travel and quarantine restrictions, in some cases for many weeks and months.

Restrictions on entry and exit for non-nationals, alongside significant backlogs in immigration and passport processing, have all contributed.

For many there is no easy answer, and it is a waiting game until reunions become possible.

Hopefully, as global restrictions ease, these instances will reduce, but the unexpected impact of Covid-19 shows the importance of planning ahead as much as possible.

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‘I felt like a loser’: Gabrielle Union talks surrogacy and the inner struggles that come with it

Source News 24

Actor Gabrielle Union has always been open about her fertility journey.

In a recent interview on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Union went into detail about her “brutal” experience with surrogacy. 

Union welcomed her daughter Kaavia with husband Dwyane Wade via surrogacy in 2018 after trying numerous fertility treatment options.

She shared this experience along with many others in her book You Got Anything Stronger?

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Pregnant surrogates left feeling ‘like vessels’, as COVID causes ongoing isolation

Source ABC

Zara Stratton while she was being induced, covered in stickers from her daughters.

Gazing at her pregnant belly, feeling the kicks of the baby that wasn’t hers, Zara Stratton felt an overwhelming sense of isolation.

For nine months she’d been carrying a child for another couple, her childhood friend and her husband.

It was always supposed to be a shared experience.

The intended parents would be there for every scan, to share the joy of each milestone and support her all the way up to the day of birth.

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Kristen Welker Feared Not Having Maternal Instincts Before Baby Was Born Via Surrogate

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Kristen Welker feared not having maternal instincts before her baby was born via a surrogate. But with a bit of encouragement from her OB-GYN on a way in which to feel connected from the moment the baby girl was born, those fears washed away and the NBC news correspondent felt nothing but a bond with her new baby.

On Monday, Welker shared her birth story with Hoda Kotb on SiriusXM’s The Hoda Show, according to Today. And like many mothers who use a surrogate or adopt, the doubt was there that she would not have the maternal instinct and feel that connection with her baby girl.

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