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Is It Legal To Have 10 Children By Surrogacy At The Same Time?

Source Above The Law

Will cases of individuals using many surrogates at once to have a large number of children ruin surrogacy for everyone else?


As we all know, pregnancy generally takes around nine months, plus recovery time. And humans aren’t great at having much more than one or two children at once. That really limits how many children one person or couple can have at a time.

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US citizenship now granted to babies born abroad via IVF and surrogacy

Source BioNews

The USA will now grant citizenship to more babies born abroad via surrogacy.

A State Department policy previously meant that children born outside the USA via surrogacy were automatically considered ‘out of wedlock’ – meaning that they were not automatically eligible for citizenship and needed to show genetic relatedness to a US citizen parent to qualify. If the genetic parent was married to a US citizen but was not a citizen themselves the child would not be eligible.

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International couples see Oregon as surrogacy

Source Bend Bulletin

London couple recently traveled all the way to Bend to start a family. Sorab Shroff, 39, and his partner, Peter Maguire, 55, found a surrogate in Bend two years ago, and she carried their first child, Colette, who was born Sept. 11 at St. Charles Bend.
An international couple seeking surrogacy in Oregon is not unusual. The state has become a popular destination for couples from around the globe who are pursuing surrogacy.

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UK – ‘Parents risk legal status of children’ Desperate British couples go abroad for surrogacy

Source Express

COUPLES desperate to have a baby are resorting to unregulated commercial surrogacy abroad, which can lead to legal battles and losing the child, experts warn. New figures show the practice is rising but due to a chronic shortage of British surrogates, many people are going to countries where commercial arrangements are legal.

The UK’s “altruistic” system means surrogates cannot advertise and may receive only “reasonable expenses”.
Experts say this should cost no more than £12,000.

In Ukraine and Georgia surrogacy costs between £30,000 and £50,000 through official clinics.

In Canada it varies from £70,000 to £80,000. It can be cheaper in unregulated countries such as Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria.

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Why Ukraine has become a hot-spot for child surrogacy

Source Jam News

Elizaveta Pohudina lives with her husband and young daughter near the city of Kharkov in Ukraine. In April, she gave birth to a baby girl and gave her to a couple from Spain.

Elizaveta is a surrogate mother. She has long dreamed of owning a home, though has not had the money to make the purchase. She decided to become a surrogate mother in order to receive a large, one-time payout. Her family supported her in her endeavor, though not immediately.

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Ireland – Surrogacy: ‘Infertile couples will still have to go abroad to make their dream a reality’

Source The Ireland Journal

THE MINISTER FOR Health, Simon Harris, is forcefully encouraging the electorate to vote to repeal the 8th Amendment via his Twitter page. Consequently, the Minister is demonstrating that he empathises with women who need to be able to exercise the right to choose to terminate their pregnancy in Ireland.

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