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Is It Legal To Have 10 Children By Surrogacy At The Same Time?

Source Above The Law

Will cases of individuals using many surrogates at once to have a large number of children ruin surrogacy for everyone else?


As we all know, pregnancy generally takes around nine months, plus recovery time. And humans aren’t great at having much more than one or two children at once. That really limits how many children one person or couple can have at a time.

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Thailand – Swoop on surrogacy network

Source Bangkok Post

Cybercrime police have cracked down on an illegal transnational surrogacy ring disguised as a cleaning company.

The officers acted after discovering that surrogate mothers were unable to deliver surrogate children to their parents overseas due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The authorities raided 10 locations involved in the illegal transnational surrogacy network in and around Bangkok, arresting three surrogate agents and four Thai surrogate mothers.

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Thailand – Surrogate babies stranded by Covid

Source Bangkok Post

The Covid-19 outbreak has left many newborn babies of illegal surrogate mothers stranded in Thailand because of international travel bans.

“Many babies from commercial surrogate mothers could not be given to the clients due to the Covid-19 travel ban in many countries,” Dr Akom Praditsuwan, the Department of Health Service Support (HSSD), said yesterday.

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Thailand – Surrogacy Law in the Kingdom long overdue

Source Khmer Times

A long overdue law on surrogacy will finally be enacted this year since it was drafted in 2017. Banning surrogacy, which is already prohibited in Thailand, is aimed at ending a lucrative business that is linked to human trafficking targeting women from low-income families.

Last week, Phnom Penh Municipal Court sentenced Chinese national Liu Qiang and four Cambodian women under human trafficking laws over their involvement in commercial surrogacy. While Qiang was sentenced to seven years in prison for two counts of human trafficking, the four women were handed three to five years of imprisonment.

The case marks the latest association of surrogacy with human trafficking in the Kingdom as the draft law on surrogacy finally sees light this year since its inception on February 2017. As discussions on the draft law begin, several NGOs have expressed concern about the matter.

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