Egg freezing, IVF and surrogacy: Fertility benefits have evolved to become the ultimate workplace perk

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Employees are increasingly enjoying a full suite of fertility benefits as companies look for new ways to attract top talent and boost their DEI credentials.

As of 2020, more than two-fifths (42%) of large U.S. employers offered coverage for IVF treatment, while almost one-fifth (19%) offered egg freezing.

With the pandemic having shifted individual priorities and boosted employee leverage, more companies are introducing the benefit to remain competitive.

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Born Through Surrogacy, Surrogacy, UK

UK – ‘We were born through surrogacy and couldn’t be happier. If it’s done openly and honestly, it’s wonderful’

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Whenever Georgina Roberts thinks about her surrogate, she feels gratitude for the selflessness of the woman who gave birth to her,

“I know my surrogate did what she did from a place of kindness and compassion for another human being,” says Georgina. “That is very important to me and it is lovely to know I am genetically linked to someone who has done the most amazing thing for someone else.”

Georgina, now 23, was brought up in the Midlands and had a very happy childhood with her mum and dad Jerry and Jennie. But she has always known she was born through surrogacy to Suzanne who her parents affectionately referred to as her “tum mum” when she was younger.

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Surrogacy, War

International surrogacy law: existing conflicts unresolved

Source Bio News UK

The current conflict in Ukraine has drawn into sharp focus the myriad of problems that international surrogacy can throw up. Very little looks certain for the children, surrogates, and intended parents affected by the conflict in Ukraine, other than the fact that difficult practical and legal questions will hang over these families for months and years to come.

Differences between jurisdictions in the laws surrounding surrogacy arrangements have caused problems for families for years, as the recent international surrogacy law case of Re X,Y and Z (Children: Parental Orders: Time Limit) [2022] demonstrates. The case, which straddled multiple jurisdictions – California and Oregon in the USA, Denmark, and the UK – clearly highlights the ongoing vulnerability of surrogate-born children with questions over their legal parentage. It also brings into close focus the need for law reform to stop more surrogate born children and their intended parents falling victim to complex international conflicts of law.

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Surrogacy, Ukraine, War

‘Will the babies be left in a war zone?’ The terrified Ukrainian surrogates – and the parents waiting for their children

Source The Guardian

Since Russian tanks began rolling over the Ukrainian border, the international media have reported on the plight of foreign couples using paid Ukrainian surrogate mothers. Usually, these articles make scant reference to the surrogates’ wellbeing, instead being written up as breathless tales of derring-do, as plucky couples launch daring raids to bring their babies to safety.

The Irish Independent, for example, reported on a County Kerry couple who had brought their son back from Ukraine without making any reference to their surrogate, presumably left postpartum in a war zone. Sometimes, the couples appear indifferent to the plight of the women left behind: one American parent recently wrote a 1,257-word Instagram post about getting her newborn out of Ukraine in which she thanked her gym for keeping her “fit enough” to make the journey and the travel agent who had arranged her hotel, but did not make any reference to the woman who had carried her baby.

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UK – Surrogacy: the current law and proposals for reform

Source Family Law

The number of people choosing surrogacy as a way to parenthood is increasing. Whilst it is difficult to know exactly how many surrogacy cases there have been in recent years, the number of applications for parental orders, which is the order required to recognise intended parents as a child’s legal parents, is growing. With this growth have come calls for reform to surrogacy laws, which many say are outdated and do not reflect current attitudes and lifestyles.

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Surrogacy, Ukraine, War

After dramatic rescue mission, Chicago couple meets premature twins born via surrogacy in Ukraine

Source ABC Chicago

Twin Ukrainian boys who were born via surrogacy shortly after Russia began its attack in the country have been safely evacuated to Poland.

The twins’ father, Alexander Spektor, who lives in Chicago with the boys’ mother, Irma Nuñez, was able to meet his sons for the first time after their rescue Monday. The boys were born 10 days premature on Feb. 25.

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UK – Aunt gives birth to niece’s baby after volunteering to be her surrogate

Source Mirror

Bethan Williams (left) who was a surrogate for niece Shelley Badea (right) with baby Joanie ( Image: Lynne Casey/WALES NEWS SERVICE

An aunt is mum to her own niece’s baby…after volunteering to be her surrogate.

Loving aunt Bethan Williams stepped in when niece Shelley Badea, 33, was desperate to become a mum but could not carry her own child.

And Bethan, 38, helped make her dreams of a baby come true – by giving birth to her own great-niece.

Mum-of-two Bethan has now given birth to little Joanie Alina Badea after seven years of IVF treatment.

Proud grandmother Lynne Casey, of Caernarfon, North Wales, has now thanked her sister Bethan for her “selfless” act.

She said: “I can’t thank my sister enough for what she has done.

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Four Irish babies born to Ukrainian surrogates in Kyiv hospital – Tánaiste

Source Irish Times

Ukraine is a popular location for Irish couples seeking to have babies via surrogate mothers. Photograph: iStock

There are four Irish babies newly born to surrogate Ukrainian mothers in a maternity hospital in the country’s capital Kyiv, Tánaiste Leo Varadkar has said.

Mr Varadkar disclosed details about the previously unknown number of babies in Ukraine while making the case against the expulsion of Russia’s ambassador to Ireland Yuriy Filatov.

The Fine Gael leader was speaking about the need to maintain relations with Russia despite growing public and political calls for Mr Filatov’s expulsion over Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

“There are four babies in the Ukraine at the moment in a maternity hospital in Kyiv and that hospital could be under Russian occupation within weeks. We need to be able to talk to the Russians,” he told RTÉ’s News at One.

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Surrogacy, UK, Ukraine, War

British couple’s ‘absolute nightmare’ stranded in Ukraine while collecting newborn surrogate twins

Source Independent

A British couple are stuck in a “living nightmare” after they travelled to Kyiv to collect their surrogate-born twins and found themselves stranded in the middle of a war.

Manisha and Metaish Parmar arrived in Ukraine three weeks ago as the surrogate mother gave birth to the babies they had been waiting for for 13 years.

They are now stranded in an apartment in Kyiv with their newborns and Mr Parmar’s parents amid Russia’s invasion, and run for shelter together in a bunker when the air raid sirens go off.

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Bill to dramatically upend surrogacy in South Dakota fails in the House of Representatives

Source Mitchell Republic

PIERRE, S.D. — A bill that would have ended surrogacy in South Dakota as it is currently practiced failed on Thursday, Feb. 17, in a close vote on the floor of the House of Representatives.

The GOP-dominated chamber voted 38-29 in opposition to House Bill 1311, which would have declared null and void any so-called “pre-birth” contracts between prospective parents and a gestational carrier or surrogate.

The vote followed at times stormy rhetoric on the House floor, as bill supporters characterized the practice of surrogacy as tantamount to a violation of human rights.

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Surrogacy, Ukraine, War

Surrogacy has Argentine families stranded due to Ukrainian crisis

Source Merco Press

At least five Argentine couples who had sought to have children through surrogate Ukrainian mothers are among those currently stranded in the war-torn country, it was reported.

They are also having troubles accessing air-raid shelters.

Ukraine is one of the few countries in the world that allows couples to access surrogacy and thus fulfill the dream of becoming parents. Dozens of Argentines and citizens from other parts of the world travel there every year for that purpose.

“They are telling us to leave Ukrainian territory. It was all very sudden and we have to organize ourselves. The issue is that we do not know how to go about that,” an Argentine mother has been quoted by Télam as saying.

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Denmark Threatens To Deport Surrogate-Born Children

Source Above The Law

Last week saw a positive ruling come out of the United Kingdom courts concerning parentage recognition of three children born by surrogacy in the United States to two European dads. But prior to reaching the happy legal outcome, the family went through rough times, including in their home country of Denmark. The Scandinavian kingdom had threatened to deport all of their children! Not to mention the fact that they faced the added obstacles of their surrogacy agency going out of business due to an embezzlement scandal and running up against the ticking legal time clock of Brexit.

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UK – Woman born with no uterus finds joy as surrogate sister gives birth to her baby


A woman from the Black Country has made her sister’s dream come true – by giving birth to her son.

Laura Knight, 29, was 16 when she was told she had MRKH syndrome, meaning she was born without a uterus and would need to find a surrogate to be able to have a child.

However she didn’t have to look very far, because her sister Hayley Burton, 33, offered to help.

Mrs Burton gave birth to Mrs Knight’s son Noah on January 10th 2022.

The two sisters, who are nurses at Sandwell Hospital, said they describe baby Noah as the bun and his aunty as the oven.

Mrs Burton says: “You’d do anything for your family, wouldn’t you, and I had something she didn’t have.

“I’d had no problems conceiving my own two children and I just wanted to make a family and give something back.”

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Surrogacy, Ukraine

Ireland – Couple still stuck in Ukraine waiting for surrogate baby’s documents

Source Independent

A British couple in Ukraine have described the “bizarre” and “worrying” wait for their surrogate-born baby’s emergency travel document.

Thousands of Irish and British citizens are now being urged to leave the country immediately over growing concerns that Russia could launch an invasion in the coming days, despite diplomatic efforts to avert war.

Mr Garratt, who works in stakeholder engagement at London North Eastern Railway, said he and his wife are growing increasingly concerned after the UK Foreign Office updated its advice on Friday evening to encourage UK nationals to leave.

He told the PA news agency: “It does add to our worry, we’re thinking about basic things that we need to do to make sure that we’re ready to leave as soon as possible.”

“If we take the advice at face value, it means the UK and also the US government are worried that Russian action is imminent – that makes us want to get out.”

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Scotland – ‘Change the law and smooth the path to surrogacy’

Source STV News

Claire Kelly knows more than most about surrogacy – she has carried three babies for two different couples.

She was inspired to join Surrogacy UK after watching a documentary while she was pregnant with her own second child.

“I started attending surrogacy socials and I met loads of people – both couples and surrogates – and I’ve been part of it ever since,” she says in Thursday’s episode of Scotland Tonight.

“The couple I met at a social – at the time I was pregnant with my second son – they thought I was carrying for another couple…

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Is the new law a death knell for the surrogacy industry in India?

Source Times of India

Ratna and Vijay (names changed) were married in 2017 and despite a blissful marriage of 2 years, they were unsuccessful in getting pregnant. Upon tests, doctors discovered a uterus complication that would not allow Ratna to become a mother. Amongst the options available, the distressed couple chose to give birth to a child through the gift of surrogacy. Today, Ratna and Vijay are delighted parents of twin sons and are thankful to their invisible surrogate for the blessing of a lifetime. Surrogacy gave hope to childless couples to still have children with their blood and DNA through advanced technology. Lesser interference from the government, bureaucracy and local administration since 2002 has led the surrogacy market to boom.

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How Much Do Surrogates Get Paid In California

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When a woman can’t carry a baby to term on her own, she may enlist the help of a surrogate. A surrogate will have the baby for her although it is not her child. It is the parents’ child. This is how some people are able to become parents. Surrogacy is the answer for many couples that wish to start a family. They want so much to parent their children. It’s a journey that can seem like a long one but one that is truly worth it.

How Much Do Surrogates Get Paid In California?

Through Made In The USA Surrogacy, (How Much Do Surrogates Get Paid In California) a surrogate gets paid a base compensation of $40,000. This is because she is using her body to bring the child to term and also other factors that will change her life for the time being.

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Surrogacy, Ukraine

Ukraine surrogacy industry prepares for war

Source Bioedge

By Michael Cook
February 5, 2022

According to the BBC, “Russia says it has no plans to attack Ukraine: and armed forces chief Valery Gerasimov even denounced reports of an impending invasion as a lie.”

But would this really jolly you up if you were a client of a surrogacy agency in Ukraine? The invaluable Substack blog HeyReprotech, edited by Alison Motluk, has informally surveyed American surrogacy agencies to see how the Ukrainian surrogacy industry is responding to a possible invasion and war.

Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy, a surrogacy agency based in New Jersey, held a Zoom meeting with commissioning parents for a frank discussion of possible problems. In her post Motluk describes some of the dangers – apart from getting shot or bombed – faced by the agencies, the surrogate mothers, the intending parents – and the babies.

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India, Surrogacy

India – ‘Those who used surrogacy should lab-check their child’s genes’

Source Mid-Day

National award-winning writer Pinki Virani has been a trenchant observer of the ‘commodification of babies, the ruthlessness of the fertility-industry on women’s bodies and its resultant reduction of motherhood’ in India. Last week, the central government notified the Surrogacy (Regulation) Act 2021 and the Assisted Reproductive Technology (Regulation) Act 2021. These hope to regulate in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) clinics and prohibit commercial surrogacy or ‘wombs-on-hire’. It does allow altruistic surrogacy where the birth-mother, a relative of the couple, is to be covered on all medical and insurance expenditure. Since the patriarchal pressure continues to be very real, especially upon women, of ensuring a child, critics fear that commercial surrogacy is likely to go underground.

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Surrogacy, UK

UK – Tears of joy as surrogate nurse gives birth to ‘miracle’ baby for sister with no womb

Source Express

Hayley Burton, 33, offered to be a surrogate for her sister Laura Knight and her husband, David, as her sibling has Mayer Tokitansky Küster Hauser syndrome and was born without a uterus. The condition affects around one in 5,000 women. But Laura has become a mother through her sister’s selfless act and was baby Noah’s first ‘skin to skin’ contact when he was born on January 10 at Russells Hall Hospital in Dudley.

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