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Israel’s New Surrogacy Ruling Is More Just, but Discriminatory

Source Haaretz

For many years, the issue of surrogacy in Israel has been fertile ground for argument and debate. Earlier this month, surrogacy twice made its way into the headlines. The first time was about six former surrogates launching a crowdfunding campaign after the “New Life” agency filed a libel suit against them (a gag order has been imposed on the lawsuit’s contents). The second time was about Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz announcing that surrogacy would be extended in Israel to men, regardless of their relationship status.

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As the Need for Surrogates Soars and Availability Drops, Intended Parents are Paying the Price

Source Newswires

As more and more couples and individuals turn to surrogacy to fulfill their dream of a family, the surrogacy market is booming. But while the need for surrogates soars, finding one is becoming harder and harder due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

After months of lockdowns and quarantines, many women who qualified as surrogates have pushed the pause button, taking some time to rethink their next step, while others refuse to get vaccinated, have increased their BMI during the pandemic or have lost their financial stability, and no longer qualify as surrogates.

Naturally, the increasing challenges to find a candidate also affect the cost of surrogacy, which spiked since the start of the pandemic. Still, probably the most significant effect of the surrogate shortage is the time it takes to find available surrogates, and many intended parents wait for months just to take their first step in this long, complex and emotional journey.

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Canada – Sask. family expects another child with help of surrogate just months after baby boy was born

Source CBC.CA

Courtney Sastaunik and her husband Chris hold their baby John who was born in October 2021, thanks to the help of friend and surrogate Charissa Jaarsma. (Provided by Courtney Sastaunik)

The quiet one-on-one time with her little son will soon be over for a Regina mother.

Courtney Sastaunik and her husband Chris are expecting another addition to their family in May, just six and a half months after baby John came into the world.

On Oct. 29, Sastaunik’s best friend and surrogate Charissa Jaarsma was front and centre when she delivered John and helped Sastaunik become the mother of a little boy.

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