What your doctor isn’t telling you about IVF — but should

Source NY Post

Smiling for the camera, Elizabeth Katkin, her husband, Richard, and their two kids look picture-perfect. But it took the Katkins nine years, seven miscarriages, a total of 10 in vitro fertilization cycles, five natural pregnancies, four IVF pregnancies, 10 doctors, one surrogate mother and roughly $200,000 to create their beautiful family.

“I look back on the years when I took contraception to avoid getting pregnant and laugh,” Elizabeth says.

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This is what it’s like to be an LGBTQ parent at work

Source Fat Company

When Ben Enfield went on his third date with Chris Lydick, he asked three questions to see if their budding relationship was headed in the right direction. Did Lydick want to be in an exclusive relationship? Did he want to have children someday? And would he be willing to take lots of hikes? “Hiking is one of my favorite things to do in life,” says Enfield. “So I needed to make sure he would be willing to hike with me. I’m lucky: He said yes to all three.”

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Surrogate Mother

Woman Who Says She’s Addicted to Being Pregnant Gives Birth to Her Fifth Surrogate Baby

Source Life News

A five-time surrogate mother, Didi Perry went into the business to help people who could not become parents naturally.

The Dallas, Texas woman, who has three children of her own, recently gave birth to her last surrogate child a few months shy of her 50th birthday, according to the Daily Mail.

“I enjoyed being pregnant with my own kids and I wanted to do something that would help someone else,” Perry said. “I love how healthy I feel when I’m pregnant and I love the feeling of the baby moving around.”

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children from egg and/or sperm donor, Ireland

Ireland – Donor-conceived children: It’s time to ban anonymous sperm donation

Source The Journal

Recent studies on donor-conceived children reveal that an overwhelming number of such individuals want information relating to their donor, writes Dr Brian Tobin.

THE CHILDREN AND Family Relationships Act was signed into law by the President, Michael D Higgins, in April 2015, yet over three years later Parts 2 and 3 have not been commenced.

The government’s failure to do so means that the provisions of the 2015 Act that prohibit anonymous donor sperm from being used in Irish fertility clinics are not yet in force. Further, the National Donor-Conceived Person Register proposed by the 2015 Act to protect the donor-conceived child’s right to knowledge of genetic identity has not been set up.

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Surrogacy in the USA

Source Econo Times

Maybe you need it, maybe you know someone who does. Regardless, we could all do with learning more about surrogacy USA.

Suffering from infertility issues can be a devastating experience. Not to mention that many of the established and safe treatments are under some pretty intense scrutiny. Including surrogacy USA. Surrogacy USA has some of the best success rates, most advanced technologies, and friendliest laws in the world, yet there seems to still be widespread confusion about what surrogacy USA actually is.

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Gay Parenting, LGBTQ Parental Rights, Same Sex

A Historic Day for Surrogacy in the District of Columbia

Source Digital Journal

On June 15, 2018, Creative Family Connections LLC obtained the first ever Order of Parentage in a surrogacy case under the District of Columbia’s new Collaborative Reproduction statute, D.C. Code § 16-401 (2017), et. seq.

The Honorable Carol Dalton of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia granted two parentage orders for prospective parents who are expecting twins. She, therefore, granted one order pertaining to Baby Girl and one order pertaining to Baby Boy. The Intended Parents and the Gestational Carrier filed the petitions together as Joint Petitioners.

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Egg Donation, Latvia, Sperm Donation

Latvian parliament decides to allow childless women donate their eggs

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RIGA, June 21 (Xinhua) — After a long and heated debate on Thursday, Latvian lawmakers decided that women who have not borne children should also be allowed to donate their eggs to other women for fertility treatment, rejecting a proposal to ban such a donation.

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Israel, Lesbian, Surrogacy

Israel – This Lesbian Couple Fears for Their Twins’ Lives. But Israel Worries About the Paperwork

Source Haaretz

Last month, the Tel Aviv Family Court ordered the state to recognize the parenthood of a woman whose partner served as a surrogate for her frozen embryos and gave birth to twins. The judge lambasted the government for its role in the affair: The state made the women go through a paper chase to adopt the twins – because the parents were two and a half weeks late in filing their request. And this happened when the babies were in intensive care.

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Sperm Donor

UK – How I Chose My Sperm Donor

Source Refinery 29
The doctor who performed my egg collection was a Nigerian man with a round face and a cheeky grin. I liked him immediately. Now he was waving a piece of paper in my face. On it was a description of the sperm donor I’d chosen; I needed to confirm the details before any fertilisation process could begin. Clad in nothing but a hospital gown, I dutifully looked it over, signed, and handed it back to him.

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Three Parent

How Can a Baby Have 3 Parents?

Source Discover Magazine

(Credit: Shutterstock)

It seems impossible, right? We have been taught from the time we were young that babies are made when a sperm and an egg come together, and the DNA from these two cells combine to make a unique individual with half the DNA from the mother and half from the father. So how can there be a third person involved in this process?

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Low Sperm Count

Uk – Man with zero sperm count becomes a father and encourages other men to speak about fertility issues

Source Empire Press

A Norfolk man who thought he would never be able to have children is speaking out ahead of Father’s Day to encourage other men in the same situation to seek help.

Adrian Stiff, 50, from Scole, was told as a child he had a condition which would impact his fertility, and this was confirmed in his 20s after a doctor told him that he had a very low sperm count.

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Sperm Donor

Dear Donor 14659, thank you for your sperm

Source Washington Post

Dear Sperm Donor 14659:

You don’t know me, but I am the mother of your child. I’m a single, 42-year-old, African American woman with a successful public-policy career, a strong social network and a tightknit family. I always believed I would bring a child into this world, but by the time I entered the geriatric phase of fertility, I still had not found “the one.” So, a little more than two years ago, after lots of soul searching, research and a few conversations with people I trust, I selected your profile from hundreds of potential donors in the California Cryobank. With God’s abundant grace, and with your generous genetic contribution, I gave birth to a healthy, smart, beautiful and hilariously tenacious little angel who is curious about the world and is just learning to walk in it.

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Gestational surrogacy, New Jersey, NJ

Opinion: Gestational surrogacy measure opens doors for NJ families

Source NorthJersey.com

When a patient comes to me asking for help finding a gestational surrogate, my answer up until now has always been the same: I can help you, but it may involve you travelling out of state. Surprisingly, gestational surrogacy has been prohibited in New Jersey for the last three decades. While it wasn’t outright illegal, contracts were unenforceable.

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Embryo, Frozen Eggs, Frozen Sperm

Extra sperm, eggs, embryos mean parents must make decisions

Source Chicago Tribune

It was 2008, and for more than a year, Patrick and Kate Sandusky had been trying to get pregnant.

Facing infertility, the Lakeview couple hadn’t thought about having too many chances to have children. Eventually, a fertility specialist said a procedure Kate had undergone years earlier would mean they needed in vitro fertilization. Through IVF, the couple had three children — now 9-year-old twins and a 6-year-old daughter.

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Parental rights, UK

UK – Rights for Surrogate Parents

Source Working Families

Surrogacy is when another woman carries and gives birth to a baby for the couple who want to have a child. One or both of the couple may provide the genetic material for the child. You should seek legal advice before entering into a surrogacy arrangement.

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Surrogate Responsibility for Orphaned Children Examined

Source Medical Bag

In cases of surrogacy where commissioning couples abandon a child who was born with a commercial surrogate, certain jurisdictions suggest that the surrogate take responsibility for the child. However, investigators reporting in the Journal of Medical Ethics suggest that commercial surrogates should not be given the responsibility of a child in the case of parental abandonment, citing arguments for potential legislation and the need for clearer definitions in such instances.

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Surrogacy, Theft

Former surrogacy services owner faces felony charges

Source Portland Tribune

She was cast as the face of an industry pregnant with possibility — with dozens of local and international clients streaming to Portland for the surrogacy services she described as “so rewarding and fulfilling.”

Now, Jeri Lynn Chambers is facing felony charges for allegedly taking a different sort of reward.

The 40-year-old Sherwood resident is charged with five counts of first-degree theft for reportedly stealing thousands of dollars from a Seattle man in 2015 and 2016, according to a secret indictment filed in Washington County Court on May 30.

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Malta, Surrogacy Law

Malta – Common sense has prevailed

Source Times of Malta

A child born as a result of gamete donation will have a right to know the identity of his biological mother and father at the age of 18. Photo: Shutterstock

Thankfully it seems like common sense has prevailed regarding the amendments to the Embryo Protection Act. There are three main fundamental improvements to the original Bill.

The first is that a child born as a result of gamete donation will have a right to know the identity of his biological mother and father at the age of 18.

The second is that the parents of frozen embryos will be given an additional IVF cycle, free of charge, to give all embryos the chance to be brought to term. This is certainly an improvement over the original Bill; however this should be further strengthened with a legal obligation to do so within a two-year period unless a medical condition precludes this. This will significantly reduce the number of embryos that will be ‘up for adoption’, which should only be exceptional cases – preferably none at all.

The third amendment is that the regulation of altruistic surrogacy is going to be discussed in a separate Act of Parliament, rather than through a legal notice subsidiary to the Embryo Protection Act. The surrogate mother will be given all the support she needs while respecting the rights of the biological gamete owners.

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Canada, Surrogacy, Surrogate Mother

Canada – Surrogate mom who has delivered 7 babies for others ‘would do it all over again’

Source CBC.CA

Kristy Cartwright has given birth to three sets of twins and a baby boy, for four different families — and if she could do it all again, she would in a heartbeat.

This despite the fact that currently, the federal law does not allow surrogates to be paid for their services, although there’s been a recent push to change that law.

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Canada, Sperm Donor Registry

Canada – Has the age of the anonymous sperm donor ended?

Source Ottawa Citizen

Erin Jackson did not learn that her biological father was a sperm donor until she was 35. Until then, her parents had kept it a secret, as the doctor involved had advised.

That information, when it arrived, put Jackson’s entire life into a new perspective. “It was shocking, but it also made complete sense to me. It was probably the most transformational life event I have experienced,” said the Toronto native who now lives in California.

The first question she had after learning the truth was about the donor. And that is where Jackson, like many people who were donor conceived, hit a brick wall. There was no donor number, no health information; her mother didn’t even remember the name of the clinic she used.

“I wanted to know where I came from.”

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