Egg Donor

At 28, I Know I Never Want To Be A Mom, So I Donated My Eggs Instead

Source Essence

For years, Lyne Mugema knew that motherhood was not on the menu for her. Though, this didn’t mean she drew a line in the sand: Mugema still wanted to support other women who wanted to conceive.

So, in 2016 Mugema leaned into that aspiration and donated her eggs for the first time. The 28-year-old self-described free spirit did her due diligence–she researched everything she needed to know about becoming an egg donor and discussed the experience with a coworker who’d already gone through the process.

This journey helped her produce two pregnancies and enough wisdom about herself to last a lifetime.

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Source Radio Praha

The Czech supreme court has ruled for the first time that two gay partners should be legally recognised as the fathers of a surrogate child, the daily Mladá Fronta reported on Saturday.

The child was born a few months ago to a surrogate mother in California through artificial insemination. In its ruling, issued at the beginning of May, the Czech supreme court sustained a decision issued by a court in California, which recognised the two men as the baby girl’s parents.

Since 2006, gays and lesbians in the Czech Republic can live in an officially registered partnership. However, they are still prevented from adopting children as a couple, which means that the non-biological partner does not have the same legal rights to the child.

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A Legislative Approach to the Concept of Parentage in the Age of Surrogacy and Artificial Reproduction

Source New York Law Journal

In March, this column addressed the “Continuing Legal Evolution of the Concepts of Parent and Child,” N.Y.L.J. (March 8, 2018) in a review of the Appellate Division, Third Department’s decision of Jan. 25, 2018 in Matter of Christopher YY v. Jessica ZZ, 2018 NY Slip Op 0049, where the sperm donor, biological father sought access to the child of a feminine same sex couple and the court employed both the presumption of legitimacy of a child born to married partners and the doctrine of equitable estoppel to enforce the donor’s promise to relinquish his rights to the child. The difficult questions resolved by that decision were soon followed by Matter of David S. v. Samantha G., N.Y.L.J. (May 3, 2018) where Family Court Judge Carol Goldstein was presented with a custody dispute surrounding a “tri-parent arrangement” involving a biological mother and the biological father joined by his husband.

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Surrogate Mother

Metro mom of four set to give birth to fifth baby — for another couple

Source Fox4kc

Meg Daughtery

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The joy of parenting is one many people want to experience.

For some moms and dads, once or twice is enough. Other families who struggle with infertility would give anything for the opportunity to bring their baby home.

And one local mom is choosing to give birth for the fifth time — but she and her husband aren’t the baby’s parents.
Every afternoon around 3 p.m., Meg Daughtery welcomes home her tribe. She and her husband Peter always knew they wanted four children. The faces of their four kids fill the walls of their home, and their laughter and personalities fill the space.

It’s a life Meg wouldn’t trade and an opportunity she wants everyone to have.

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Birth Certificate, Parental rights, South Korea

South Korea – Court recognizes surrogate mother as legal parent

Source The Korea Herald

A court ruled Friday that a surrogate mother is legally the parent of the child she has given birth to, instead of the genetic parents.

The Seoul Family Court made the appellate decision against a couple who filed the suit against a local district office for refusing to take the couple’s application to register the child’s birth.

The couple hired a surrogate to bear their embryo. She gave birth to the baby in a hospital in the United States, where the staff happened to issue the birth certificate under the surrogate’s name as the mother.

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Three Parent Embryo

FDA Tells Scientist to Stop Making Three-Parent Unborn Babies


A Manhattan fertility doctor has stopped creating three-parent embryos for now after receiving a warning letter from the federal government last year.

The Daily Mail reports Dr. John Zhang, who runs the New Hope Fertility Clinic and biotech company Darwin Life in New York City, gained international attention in 2009 when he created and implanted a human embryo with genetic material from three parents into a woman’s womb.
His manipulation of human genes has caused massive controversy. In August, the FDA sent Zhang and warning letter telling him to stop genetically altering human embryos, which is illegal, according to the report.

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Spain, Surrogate Mother

Spain – Single mom from B.C. gives the gift of family to man from Spain

Source Surrey Now-Leader

Kara Erickson gave the gift of family by being a surrogate mother for Josep Cañadas, who’s from Spain. (Submitted by New Bloom Photography)

On May 1, Kara Erickson gave birth to a healthy baby girl and then handed her over to Josep Antonio Castelló Cañadas, a man she’d met only once before in Las Vegas.

In the fall of 2016, while at an industry trade show, Erickson, who co-owns Chilliwack’s Yellow Bird Birth, had a chance encounter with Nathan Chan, the managing director of Proud Fertility in Calgary. The two—who connected over their shared stillbirth and loss doula training—began talking about egg donation and surrogacy, which Chan’s firm specializes in, and Erickson said she felt like she could be of help.

“I’d always wanted to be a surrogate,” said 28-year-old Erickson in April, while rubbing her very pregnant belly. “But I never pursued it—it was more like if somebody I knew needed somebody to carry for them I could do it.”

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surrogate mother exploitation

Surrogate mothers ask Supreme Court to stop ‘exploitation’ of women and babies

Source The Washington Post

Melissa Cook’s story became headline news in 2015 when she was carrying triplets as a surrogate. The intended dad asked her to abort at least one of them, she says, because he couldn’t afford to raise them all. She refused and has been fighting for custody of the children in court ever since.

Cook and two other surrogate mothers — Gail Robinson and Toni Bare — are in Washington this week to call on the Supreme Court to provide more clarity on the rights of women and children in the controversial industry. The women, who have separately filed lawsuits in different states, say surrogacy contracts are exploitative to the birth mothers, create a class of women as breeders and commodify children.

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Embryo adoption

Malta – Most couples won’t give up spare embryos for adoption

Source Times of Malta

80 per cent of couples refuse to give up spare embryos for adoption

More than 80 per cent of couples refuse to give up spare embryos for adoption after in vitro fertilisation, says an international study.

The studies were mentioned in a paper by the Malta College of Pathologists, which warned that the IVF Bill warranted further discussion by stakeholders.

The proposed law has raised eyebrows, as it would allow couples interested in IVF to give their consent to embryo adoption. Same-sex couples would rather opt for a genetically related embryo than accept adopting frozen embryos, the college said.

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Baby born to gay couple through surrogacy

UK – Landmark for RD&E as first surrogate born to gay couple

“It’s an amazing thing to do and it doesn’t cost anything apart from nine months of being pregnant”

Source Devon Live

The surrogate ‘team’

The first surrogate baby believed to have been born for a gay couple at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital is now beginning its new life in London

Sarah Burns, who is currently recovering at her home in Hemyock after giving birth to a baby girl last Friday, has praised the hospital for changing its policies so that the two dads could watch their baby arriving into the world in the operating theatre.

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Surrogacy after miscarriage

Ireland – ‘Life with her is so great’ – woman (38) who suffered three miscarriages finally experiences the joy of motherhood

Source Life

Karen Smyth and her baby Cleo, who used a baby box for the first few months of her life.

For one in six couples in Ireland, the possibility of conceiving a baby may not be as easy as they’d hoped.

For Karen Smyth and her partner Marian Riordan, the road that would eventually lead them to their beautiful little baby Cleo, was long.

Karen (38) suffered three miscarriages before Cleo was born.

And even after she passed 14 weeks in her pregnancy with Cleo, serious complications arose. So serious that, under doctors’ orders, she had to spend four months confined to bed.

Even trips to the toilet or shower were out of the question.

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Surrogate Mother

Source Charlotte Five

Melissa Teeter has given birth four times – three of which were for strangers. Teeter, 35, is a surrogate or more accurately a gestational carrier (GC).

“I loved doing it for the other people,” she said. “I liked to see how happy and excited they are when they get their baby. I don’t feel the attachment to the baby. I don’t feel sad or heartbroken.”

Teeter first heard about surrogacy when she was 22 years old, while watching a television program. She thought, “I could do that.”

She didn’t act on that thought for a few years. She gave birth to her daughters, twins, when she was 26 years old. When they were two years old, she began researching surrogacy. She filled out three or four online applications and by the end of the week, there were two women interested in her services.

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Egg Donor, Surrogacy, Surrogate Mother

Australia – Single mother who was surrogate and egg donor for 11 children

Source 7 News

While it is a special day for mothers everywhere, one mum has been giving some extraordinary gifts of her own.

Schoolteacher Carla Pincombe has now helped bring 11 children into the world through egg donation and surrogacy – and she is planning even more.

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Mother serves as surrogate for daughter

Mother serves as surrogate for daughter’s twins after rare cancer diagnosis

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Micaela Johnson says she and her mother, Sheila Gump, already function more like best friends than mother and daughter, but the two will soon share an even stronger bond.

Gump is set to deliver Johnson’s twins — her grandchildren — as her surrogate this summer. It’s a gift Johnson says no one else could give her.

“She’s my best friend, who else would do it?” Johnson, 26, said in an interview with ABC News’ “Good Morning America.” “She knows that I always wanted more kids. We wanted a family and my son, Aden, wants to be a big brother so bad, so she just knew. She would do anything for me.

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Scotland – With IVF rates rising, we found out more about Scotland’s stretched facility services

Source The Press and Journal

Donor co-ordinator Hazel McBain taking blood from a patient

As the NHS approaches its 70th anniversary, this year marks the milestone of another significant UK medical achievement: the 40th birthday of the world’s first IVF baby.

Born in Manchester in 1978, Louise Brown was the first ever “test-tube baby” whose very existence made headlines around the world.

Four decades later and today IVF is much more common.

In the UK alone, most recent statistics show that more than 68,000 such treatments were provided in 2016, and the picture that emerges is a largely positive one.

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politics of assisted reproduction

The politics of assisted reproduction, explained

Source Washington Post

This Mother’s Day, many women (and men) around the globe are struggling to have children, turning to a variety of approaches to overcome infertility. Meanwhile, lawmakers, medical professionals and activists have been in a heated public debate about the complex morals and politics of abortion and assisted reproductive technologies, also called ART.

Here are five things to know about the politics of such technologies, including how they are viewed and regulated.

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Surrogacy, Surrogate Mother, Twins

BFF Goals! Virginia Woman Serves as Surrogate for Best Friend — and Gives Birth to Twins!

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Erica Huston-Elem and Katelin Buchanan have been best friends since birth.

“Our mom’s were best friends! Her mom is my godmother … we grew up very much like family,” Huston-Elem, 34, tells PEOPLE. “We just grew up together like siblings. Our friendship has been more than a friendship, it’s a sisterhood. We’ve been there through all our life’s experiences.”

As the best friends grew older, they celebrated milestones and major life events together, like graduations and even marriage. Huston-Elem welcomed two children — now ages 7 and 4 — but for Buchanan, the road to motherhood proved to be difficult. She’s suffered several miscarriages and has gone through many unsuccessful rounds of in vitro fertilization (IVF).

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A Mum Is A Mum, Whether Via Adoption, Foster Care Or Surrogacy


“Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.”

As we celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday, we honour all forms motherhood comes in, because as Oprah Winfrey once said, “biology is the least of what makes someone a mother”. And there are countless women who never give birth, but who’ve made amazing mothers and/or mother figures.

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Surrogate Keeps Baby

UK – BABY BATTLE  Gay dad sues surrogate mum after she kept baby after the birth

Source The Sun

The mother agreed to implant sperm thought to be from the younger man but when his partner died during the pregnancy she decided to keep the tot

The gay dad claimed the surrogate had ‘stolen’ his baby – picture posed by models

The dad and his partner, in his 70s, met her through a surrogacy agency.

She agreed to implant sperm thought to be from the younger man but when his partner died during the pregnancy she decided to keep the tot.

The surrogate told medics not to let the biological father near her when she went into labour.

A source said: “This is a pretty shocking situation. It’s extremely rare for a surrogate mother to refuse to hand over the child after birth. She took the view the child was no longer going to a loving couple.

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Birth Certificate, Three Parent

Canada – Quebec judge invites province to recognize reality of multi-parent families

Source Ottawa Citizen

MONTREAL — A Quebec judge is inviting provincial lawmakers to consider the possibility of multi-parent families after a complex legal fight involving a little girl and three adults.

The three-year-old’s biological father asked to have his name put on the child’s birth certificate to replace that of a woman who was considered the toddler’s second mother but who is currently transitioning to a male.

He also asked the judge to change the child’s last name to his own.

In Quebec, the law recognizes only two parents for a child, and only their names are recorded on the birth certificate.

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