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Israel’s New Surrogacy Ruling Is More Just, but Discriminatory

Source Haaretz

For many years, the issue of surrogacy in Israel has been fertile ground for argument and debate. Earlier this month, surrogacy twice made its way into the headlines. The first time was about six former surrogates launching a crowdfunding campaign after the “New Life” agency filed a libel suit against them (a gag order has been imposed on the lawsuit’s contents). The second time was about Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz announcing that surrogacy would be extended in Israel to men, regardless of their relationship status.

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As the Need for Surrogates Soars and Availability Drops, Intended Parents are Paying the Price

Source Newswires

As more and more couples and individuals turn to surrogacy to fulfill their dream of a family, the surrogacy market is booming. But while the need for surrogates soars, finding one is becoming harder and harder due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

After months of lockdowns and quarantines, many women who qualified as surrogates have pushed the pause button, taking some time to rethink their next step, while others refuse to get vaccinated, have increased their BMI during the pandemic or have lost their financial stability, and no longer qualify as surrogates.

Naturally, the increasing challenges to find a candidate also affect the cost of surrogacy, which spiked since the start of the pandemic. Still, probably the most significant effect of the surrogate shortage is the time it takes to find available surrogates, and many intended parents wait for months just to take their first step in this long, complex and emotional journey.

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Canada – Sask. family expects another child with help of surrogate just months after baby boy was born

Source CBC.CA

Courtney Sastaunik and her husband Chris hold their baby John who was born in October 2021, thanks to the help of friend and surrogate Charissa Jaarsma. (Provided by Courtney Sastaunik)

The quiet one-on-one time with her little son will soon be over for a Regina mother.

Courtney Sastaunik and her husband Chris are expecting another addition to their family in May, just six and a half months after baby John came into the world.

On Oct. 29, Sastaunik’s best friend and surrogate Charissa Jaarsma was front and centre when she delivered John and helped Sastaunik become the mother of a little boy.

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Surrogate gives birth to rare triplets at Akron General hospital

Source WKYC

AKRON, Ohio — What’s better than one baby? How about three?

On Tuesday, the Cleveland Clinic spotlighted the rare birth of three identical triplet girls on its Facebook page.

Parker, Robin and Sylvie have been providing triple the cuddles, triple the love (and triple the diapers!) for new dads Eric Portenga and Kevin O’Neill since their birth on September 9.

Their surrogate, Maureen, gave birth to the rare set of triplets at Cleveland Clinic Akron General.

It’s a rare event, there were approximately 3,100 triplet births in 2019, says Stephen Bacak, DO, a maternal fetal medicine specialist, who delivered the triplets.

The girls made their debut at 35 weeks gestation via cesarean birth. After an 18-day stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), the girls made the road trip back to Ann Arbor Michigan to begin their lives.

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UK – Family enjoys first Christmas with little Lumi after friend’s surrogacy

Source East Anglian Daily Times

Sarelle Payne (left) carried baby Lumi as a surrogate for her friend Coral Putus. – Credit: Sarelle Payne

It started as a conversation on a girls’ holiday four years ago but a powerful act of friendship has seen a Suffolk family spend their first Christmas with the little girl they thought they would never have.

Sarelle Payne and Coral Putus have been friends since meeting at the Douglas Bader pub in Martlesham Heath as teenagers.

The pair have been brought closer after Sarelle offered to carry her friend’s baby. .

Coral, from East Bergholt, was told she would not be able to carry a baby as a teenager and advised surrogacy and adoption would be possible options.

In July 2017, while on holiday the friends were talking when Sarelle learned about Coral’s situation, offering to research and act as a surrogate.

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Surrogacy in Kenya: Bringing happiness and contentment to every individual involved!

Source Deccan Herald

December 15: Surrogacy and/or egg donation have proven to be a godsend for most of the individuals that have otherwise failed to conceive naturally. Still, one must keep in mind that this procedure needs a great deal of patience, as well as medical and legal understanding, along with a full-fledged support system.

Intended parents (IPs), Surrogates, IVF experts, Egg donors, and even the Surrogacy Agency that organises the process all have various perspectives on Surrogacy. Yet, the arrangement facilitates the dreams and ambitions of every individual involved in some way or another.

Speaking of surrogates, they have the chance to help a family in need while simultaneously receiving compensation for their work. Intended parents, on the other hand, get to witness the most awaited moment of their lives.

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American Surrogacy Industry Looks To Self-Regulate

Source Above The Law

On December 1, 2021, a new organization called Reproductive Alliance hosted a major webinar called “Countdown to Launch.” Reproductive Alliance describes itself as developing “industry-wide standards that protect intended parents, surrogates, and the industry at large.” The groundbreaking webinar was hosted by board members made up of surrogacy advocates and professionals from various fields — including legal, mental health, and insurance — who discussed the pressing need for a plan.

What is the plan? To create an accreditation program for surrogacy matching programs (agencies). Sounds ambitious? Yes, well that’s why there’s a countdown to launch, and not a launch quite yet. Program implementation is slated for late 2022.

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Minister ordered to decide if boy born in UK via surrogacy can have Irish passport

Source Irish Times

The High Court has ordered the Minister for Foreign Affairs to make a decision on an application for an Irish passport for a child who was born in the UK via a surrogacy arrangement.

The boy’s parents are a married same-sex couple residing in Britain. One of his fathers is a dual citizen of Ireland and the UK, but he is not a biological parent.

In a judgment, Mr Justice Max Barrett found that the child has been an Irish citizen from birth due to the citizenship of his non-biological but legally recognised parent.

In 2017, the couple applied to the Minister seeking an Irish passport for their son. The court heard they were told that a number of similar applications had been received and advice from the Attorney General was being awaited.

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Morgan Stanley increases parental leave in employee benefits overhaul – memo

Source KFGO

(Reuters) – Morgan Stanley has increased parental leave in a major overhaul of employee benefits aimed at easing the strain on its workers, according to an internal memo seen by Reuters on Thursday, as major Wall Street banks battle for talent.

The investment bank said parents – whether through new birth, adoption, foster care or surrogacy – would be entitled to a minimum of 16 weeks of paid leave.

Employees would also get between six and eight weeks of medical leave post-pregnancy, it said in the memo.

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India – Winter Session: Parliament passes Surrogacy Bill amid uproar

Source Business Standard

Last week, Rajya Sabha passed the bill after amendments, and returned it to Lok Sabha on December 14.

The bill aims to constitute a National Surrogacy Board and state surrogacy boards, and appoint appropriate authorities for regulation of the practice and process of surrogacy.

It was earlier passed by Lok Sabha on August 5, 2019, and transmitted to Rajya Sabha for its concurrence. The Rajya Sabha sent the bill to the select committee for further deliberation.

Lok Sabha passed the amended bill amid uproar by opposition members demanding the removal of the minister whose son Ashish Mishra is among the accused in the October 3 Lakhimpur Kheri violence in Uttar Pradesh.

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Australia – How surrogacy allowed a single man to keep hold of his fatherhood dream

Source The Age

When Shaun Resnik found himself single at 40, with a lot of love to give and deep yearning for a child of his own, he had an epiphany.

He could fall victim to not having met ‘Mr Right’ and relinquish his lifelong dream of becoming a dad, or he could take matters into his own hands and embark on fatherhood alone.

Mr Resnik chose the latter. Earlier this year, he is understood to have become the first single man in Victoria to be given official approval by the state government to have a biological child on his own under the state’s surrogacy laws. His baby boy is due in mid-April.

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India – What is IVF Regulation Bill and How it Protects Rights of Donors, Couples

Source Sakshi Post

ART and Surrogacy Bills: After passing the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill two years ago, the Lok Sabha has now passed the Assisted Reproductive Technology Regulation Bill. What is the change, and how is ART to be regulated under the new Bill?

The Assisted Reproductive Technology Regulation Bill, 2020, was passed by the Lok Sabha on Wednesday, providing for the safe and ethical practice of assisted reproductive technology (ART) services in the country.

The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2019, was enacted by the Lok Sabha on August 5, 2019, to protect women’s reproductive rights. This one was referred to a Select Committee, which advised that the ART Bill be introduced first, so that the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2019, could cover all of the highly technical and medical concerns.

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Nigeria – I had baby through surrogacy, I still have several frozen eggs — Ini Edo

Source The Eagle Online

Nollywood actress, Ini Edo, has confirmed reports of her welcoming a daughter through a surrogate mother.

After days of keeping silent, the actress eventually opened up in an interview with Stella Korkus, which was published on Friday.

Surrogacy is a practice where a woman (a surrogate) carries a child for another person through artificial insemination of eggs.

While confirming the report, the actress stated that the daughter was genetically hers because her eggs were used to fertilise the child.

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Portugal – Portuguese parliament approves surrogacy

Source Macau Business

Portuguese parliament approved on Friday the law authorizing surrogacy, which is the commercial contract that allows the hiring of a woman to be pregnant and give birth to a child who will be delivered to other people.

The new diploma received positive opinions from the National Council for Medically Assisted Procreation and the Portuguese Society for Reproductive Medicine, which added an article limiting this right to natural citizens or permanent residents of Portugal.

According to the approved law, the pregnant woman for hire must have already been the mother of her own child.

It is also decided that the contract should receive prior authorization from the National Council for Medically Assisted Procreation, which is the Portuguese entity that oversees the entire process.

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Antiquated Michigan Law Forces Couple to Adopt Their Own Babies Born Via Surrogate

Source WCRZ

Tammy and Jordan Myers are facing an uphill climb. The Michigan couple is fighting to adopt their own biological twin babies which were born via surrogate.

This isn’t a plot on a daytime soap opera. The Grand Rapids couple finds themselves up against Michigan’s Surrogate Parenting Act. The 1988 law makes compensated surrogacy illegal in our state and says that even if a surrogacy isn’t compensated, any agreement made between parties won’t be recognized in court.

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Mother From California Helped Two Couples Start a Family

Source Get News

Sunshine Hanson is not a typical woman. She’s a loving mother, a devoted wife, she runs her own business, and aside from that she also helped two couples grow their families. 

How? By carrying their children through gestational surrogacy. Gestational surrogacy is when a healthy woman carries a pregnancy on behalf of the intended parents through IVF or In-Vitro Fertilization. IVF is a type of assisted reproduction that helps women get pregnant and, in the case of gestational surrogacy, the child is not related to the surrogate at all.

It is quite a complicated process especially for those that are not familiar with it but surrogacy is widely practiced in the United States. In fact, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, between 1999 to 2013 there were 18,400 infants born via a surrogate 8,581 (64%) were single births, 4,566 (34%) were twins, and 233 (2%) were triplets or more.

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Ethics Of Surrogacy: The Case Of Baby “Luna” Abandoned In Ukraine

Source Works Crunch

ROME — The story of the surrogate child born in Kiev, and then abandoned by its would-be Italian parents, is filled with deep sadness. No child should ever be let go.

And yet, it happens. It happens when a woman decides to give birth anonymously, and the baby is then given up for adoption. Or when a child is placed in temporary foster care, but then never returns to the family of origin. It happens with some premature-born babies who, after being kept alive with the help of sophisticated therapies, will never be picked up by their parents because of a disability. It even happens with adoption: those rare occasions when the kid is returned, putting him or her through a dramatic “double abandonment.”

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UK – When I became a surrogate for strangers, my seven-year-old daughter was with me every step of the way

Source Metro UK

Right from the beginning, this pregnancy felt so different from the first time.

For one, now I was a surrogate for a couple that desperately wanted a baby. And instead of feeling embarrassment and discomfort, as was common during my first pregnancy, this time I was determined to embrace it and enjoy every second.

When I was 21, I accidentally fell pregnant after a casual fling. I felt lonely, ashamed and frightened.

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Spanish Evangelical Alliance on surrogacy: “It exploits and commodifies women”

Source Evangelical Focus

The Bioethics Working Group of the Spanish Evangelical Alliance (AEE) has published a document analysing the issue of surrogacy.

The text, the first in the Spanish evangelical sphere to address this specific issue, is structured in different sections that present a definition of this practice and a reflection from several points of view, such as theological, social or ethical, and ends with proposals for a near future.

The AEE justifies its publication by the importance that surrogacy has gained in the social and political debate in recent years, and also because of the lack of specific legal regulation of this practice, which is prohibited in Spain but allows babies born through surrogacy in other countries to be registered in the Civil Registry.

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Jamaica – Letter of the Day | Surrogacy should be legitimised

Source Jamaica Gleaner

From as far back as 2014, there has been discourse in the local media surrounding surrogacy. Since then, publications have been sparse with latest being made in The Gleaner in 2019, which highlighted that Jamaican women are involved in surrogacy tourism.

Currently, there are no laws that regulate surrogacy in Jamaica and with that there is an increased likelihood of human rights abuses against surrogate mothers. There is also the issue of lack of legal protection for intended parents to ensure their full custody of the child/children after birth. It is, therefore, imperative that surrogacy be legitimised in Jamaica. The easiest way to facilitate this, I believe, would be through amendments to existing legislation, namely the Children (Guardianship and Custody) Act and the Children (Adoption of) Act.

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