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Anti-vax parents are demanding surrogates avoid the COVID vaccine

Source New York Post

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These parents don’t want their baby vaccinated — so they’re asking their surrogate not to get the coronavirus vaccine. 

As the COVID-19 vaccine becomes more widely available in the US, surrogacy agencies have been inundated with parents specifically requesting unvaccinated women to carry their babies, Vice reported.

In one extreme case, according to the report, a woman even asked if it was within her rights to have her surrogate abort the baby should the surrogate choose to get vaccinated against the woman’s will.

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Australia, Surrogacy

Where New Zealand’s surrogacy laws could be headed

Craig and Mark Catley and their son, Flynn, who was born in December 2018. The couple are currently expecting their second child from a US surrogate.

Source Stuff

When Cameron and David* found out their daughter had died from cot death, they were angry and frustrated.

Until this happened, they didn’t know she existed.

The same-sex couple always wanted children, but the difficulties accessing surrogacy in New Zealand led them to go off-the-books, to try a more DIY approach

The pair made an arrangement to create, and co-parent the child with a lesbian couple. But after three attempts, they gave up. The women moved to Australia.

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Rosanna Davison: Having our daughter by surrogacy in Kiev was a huge challenge

Rosanna will be spending Mother’s Day with her daughter Sophia and twin babies Oscar and Hugo

Source Irish Examiner

I have two younger brothers, Hubie and Michael, and we had a magical childhood. We were great friends growing up and are still close, despite living in different countries now. We’re all close with our parents too and love spending time together. We were all sporty children, so the focus was always very much on spending as much time as possible outdoors in the garden running around and then playing football and badminton when we got a bit older.

It was a very happy time and much simpler without social media. I still remember getting dial-up internet, although I never spent much time on it. I only joined social media after I graduated from college, and I’m incredibly grateful for that.

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Surrogacy, UK

UK – Single mother, 23, who’s a surrogate for a gay couple says handing over her biological daughter didn’t feel like giving up ‘something personal’ because she doesn’t feel maternally bonded

SourceThe Daily Mail

A single mother has claimed being a surrogate for a gay couple gave her life a ‘new meaning’ when she felt so low she ‘didn’t really want to continue’ living.

Emma, 23, met husbands Kevin, 35, and Aki, 40, from Berkshire, on a fertility app which she likened to Tinder and agreed to carry their child as well as let them use one of her eggs.

The trio share their story as part of a new BBC Three documentary, The Surrogates, which explores the emotional highs and lows of the surrogacy in the UK, told by five women and the would-be parents. 

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Australia, Surrogacy

Call for commercial surrogacy to be legalized in Australia

Source Bio Edge

An Australian surrogacy lobby has called for commercial surrogacy to be legalised in Australia. It is currently banned in all of the country’s states.

However, in 2019-20 275 babies born overseas to surrogate mothers were granted Australian citizenship, the highest number on record. Thailand and India, formerly popular destinations, no longer allow foreigners to employ surrogate mothers, so Australians have been going elsewhere.

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Employee Benefits, India, Surrogacy

India – ‘Can’t Deny Maternity Leave To Surrogate Mothers, To Distinguish Is Insulting Womanhood’: Himachal Pradesh HC

Source The Logical Indian

The Himachal Pradesh High Court on Thursday, March 4, ruled that a woman employee cannot be refused maternity leave even if she becomes a mother through surrogacy.

Image Credits: The Times of India

The Himachal Pradesh High Court on Thursday, March 4, ruled that a woman employee cannot be refused maternity leave even if she becomes a mother through surrogacy.

A division bench consisting of justice Tarlok Singh Chauhan and justice Sandeep Sharma issued the order on the petition filed by a woman language teacher employed on contract in Kullu district.

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Celebrity, Surrogacy

Hilaria Baldwin isn’t the only one with surrogate ‘twinblings’ babies


Her surrogate got pregnant — and so did she.

When Lara Beth Levy took a pregnancy test in July, she was bowled over by the results. “I’ve taken quite a few and none showed positive so quickly,” said the 34-year-old, who had suffered miscarriages and dealt with fertility issues for years.

But the craziest part wasn’t just that she was pregnant: It was that she was already expecting a biological daughter in mere months, via surrogate.

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New York, Surrogacy

6 Things New York Attorneys Need To Know About The New Surrogacy Law

Source Above The Law

You may have heard of the new New York Child Parent Security Act (CPSA). No? Well let me tell you about it. It passed last session, as part of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s budget, and officially became effective as of yesterday, February 15, 2021. Happy Presidents’ Day, everyone!

Although Cuomo certainly has become known for other, less successful, moments in the past 12 months, the CPSA, by contrast, is a major success. Aside from Gloria Steinem’s strange arguments that the CPSA is a mistake, and that the government *should* control women’s choices over their bodies and pregnancy, what do New York attorneys need to know about the new law?

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Ireland, Same Sex

Ireland – ‘I’m a non-entity on my child’s birth cert’ – Same sex couples still facing legal limbo

Source News Talk

Same-sex couples are still facing legal hurdles to be named as parents to their children, despite changes that have come into force.

Couples who conceive through IVF or surrogacy can find themselves in legal limbo with no parental rights, despite new laws that came into effect last year.

Ranae Von Meding and her wife Audrey have two daughters – Ava and Arya – who were conceived through reciprocal IVF.

This means the couple used Audrey’s eggs and donor sperm while Ranae carried the pregnancies.

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Gay Parenting, New York, Surrogacy

Paid Gestational Surrogacy Law Goes Into Effect

Source Gay City News

Out gay State Senator Brad Hoylman with his daughter Lucy, the younger of two daughters he and his husband, filmmaker David Sigal, have had through surrogacy.

Nearly one year after New York State legalized paid gestational surrogacy, which is when a surrogate carries a baby who shares no biological relation, the law finally went into effect February 15.

The gestational surrogacy bill, labeled the “Child-Parent Security Act,” passed in the budget in April of last year following a prolonged fight over the rights of surrogates and egg donors, as well as additional concerns that having a baby through gestational surrogacy would primarily only be feasible for wealthier folks.

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Ireland, Surrogacy

Ireland – Couples who conceived through IVF and surrogacy fight to be legally recognised as parents Couples who conceived through IVF and surrogacy fight to be legally recognised as parents 

Source The Irish Examiner

Ranae von Meding (left), with her wife Audrey Rooney and their children Ava and Arya. Picture: Mark Stedman

Couples in Ireland who conceived through IVF and surrogacy fear that they may never be legally recognised as their children’s parents, due to a gap in legislation.

New laws on the issue were passed in 2020, however, the new law does not encompass all couples, according to campaigners.

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China, Surrogacy

Surrogacy stirs up heated debate in China

Source CGTN

Recent high-profile cases have stirred up heated debate about surrogacy in China, with experts calling for a legislation on the controversial practice.

In a recent case, a Chinese pop star and her partner were found to have had two babies through surrogacy in the U.S., shocking the general public in China, who were further irritated after disclosed undercover recording showed that the woman intended not to shoulder parental responsibility.

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Egg Donation, Surrogacy

Woman Donates Eggs And Makes £40K To Fund Her First Home

Source Tyla

A law graduate has managed to purchase her dream home in just one year after she decided to donate her eggs to strangers.

Laywer Rachel, from Nebraska, has made £40k [$52K] in compensation from the surgeries, having successfully donated twice – having given a total of 36 eggs away.

She is now looking to complete her third donation later in the year – and has since used her savings to get her foot on the property ladder.

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Germany, Surrogacy

Germany – FDP aims to legalize surrogacy

Source The German Eye

It is a very intimate problem that thousands in Germany suffer from: Men and women who want nothing more than to have a child of their own – but cannot fulfill their heart’s desire. There are 15,000 women in Germany alone who cannot become pregnant because they are infertile. Many men are also unable to conceive. According to the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, around a quarter of women and men between the ages of 20 and 50 have no offspring.

FDP member of parliament Katrin Helling-Plahr wants to help these people and “make surrogacy out of charity possible in Germany as well,” according to a paper published by the FDP parliamentary group. “If those affected cannot have a child in any other way, if they can be helped by surrogacy and the surrogate mother wants to help in a self-determined way purely out of charity, the state has no right to prevent this happiness.”

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Adoption, Surrogacy

GR family describes ‘scary’ process to adopt their biological twins born via gestational carrier

Source Fox 17 West Michigan

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich — In January, FOX 17 told you about a couple in Grand Rapids, still working to gain legal rights to their twins born via gestational carrier. That process often means they will have to adopt their own biological children.

Their story is one that many families are familiar with, including the Welz’s in Grand Rapids, who went through an agency to help them adopt their twins.

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New York, Surrogacy

New law legalizes paid surrogacy in New York; opens up options for families

Source Newsday

Women in New York can be compensated for carrying babies that are not biologically their own under a law that goes into effect Feb. 15. Previously, intended parents had to go to other states to seek such help to grow their families.

“Now, you can recruit a gestational surrogate in New York State and have her be compensated for her time, risk and effort in carrying the pregnancy,” said Dr. James Stelling, a fertility specialist and co-founder of Stony Brook Community Medical-Island Fertility, referring to the Child Parent Security Act.

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Sylvan Lake woman says surrogacy helps complete families

Source Eckville Echo

Cindy Pelletier poses for no a photo before giving birth to the child she was carrying for a same-sex couple from France. (Photo Submitted)

A Sylvan Lake woman is lending her voice to dispel the stigma and negative images around surrogacy.

Cindy Pelletier has been a surrogate twice, and is preparing to do so again.

She says becoming a surrogate for another person felt like a calling.

After giving birth to her third child, Pelletier felt her family was complete, but not her time with pregnancy.

“I was able to help others complete their family, I was healthy and able, so I felt like it was something I was supposed to do,” Pelletier said.

Deciding to become a surrogate came with a number of tough conversations, a number of questions, push-back and a lot of stigma.

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Israel, Surrogacy

Israel – Couples in surrogacy permitted to leave, enter Israel for birth

Source The Jerusalem Post

Couples who are having their babies through surrogates are the new exception to the airport and flights closure brought on by the caution against the recent coronavirus variants. They will be permitted to leave the country specifically for the birth of the child.

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An insurance scam with more layers than an onion

Source Above The Law

The ways in which surrogacy can go sideways keep surprising us.


Image via Getty)

I swear most surrogacy journeys don’t end in disaster. Or a complicated legal dispute. Most matches actually end with two very happy sides — the intended parents, who grow their families with a new addition; and the gestational surrogate, who is justly compensated and who is content knowing that she forever changed the lives of a family.

But as readers of this column know, the ways in which surrogacy can go sideways keep surprising us. I don’t know what Sarah Koenig, famed journalist and podcast host of Serial, is up to these days, but she should really check out this situation and let us know if Robert Park and the rest of the Omega crew are guilty — in this case of heinously defrauding families at their most vulnerable — or are, as they claim, mere victims themselves.

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New York, Surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy legalized in NY: Here’s what parents, surrogates need to know

By Mariann Cabness

Source Inform NY

NEW YORK (WWTI) – New insurance protections and rights for surrogates and parents will take effect in New York on February 15.

Governor Cuomo’s FY 2021 Enacted Budget legalized gestational surrogacy in New York.

“When we passed legislation lifting the antiquated ban on gestational surrogacy we included the nation’s strongest protections for both surrogate mothers and parents alike,” Governor Cuomo said. “I remind and encourage all New Yorkers to review these new insurance protections and rights as they go through this process.” 

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