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New surrogate pregnancy law will be life-changing for infertile New Yorkers


Though New Yorkers could always travel to other states or countries to utilize the technology, doing so was cost-prohibitive for many and made it impractical to attend medical visits and truly experience the milestones of pregnancy, say advocates, including Gov. Andrew Cuomo. (Douglas Hook / MassLive)

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — For LGBTQ+ and heterosexual New Yorkers struggling with fertility issues, both emotional and practical doors will open on Monday, Feb. 15, when paid gestational surrogacy once again becomes legal in the state.

The law will allow adults to use the commonplace reproductive technology — long legal in all but three states — to start a family close to home, form a partnership with the surrogate mother and have an active role in the pregnancy, advocates say.

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UK – Teacher becomes a single dad by choice through surrogacy and egg donation

Source Metro

42-year-old man has become a solo parent after finding a surrogate and egg donor.

Tired to waiting to find a man who also dreamt of becoming a dad, David Watkins, a teacher from Southampton, decided to become a solo parent.

In January 2019 a law passed that gave him the ability as a single person to become the legal parent of his own child conceived through surrogacy.

He is now one of the first men in Britain to become a solo parent through Surrogacy UK, thanks to a selfless surrogate and anonymous egg donor.

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Thailand – Surrogate babies stranded by Covid

Source Bangkok Post

The Covid-19 outbreak has left many newborn babies of illegal surrogate mothers stranded in Thailand because of international travel bans.

“Many babies from commercial surrogate mothers could not be given to the clients due to the Covid-19 travel ban in many countries,” Dr Akom Praditsuwan, the Department of Health Service Support (HSSD), said yesterday.

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Couple denied parental rights after using gestational carrier


A Michigan couple was denied parental rights to their biological twins after using a gestational carrier.

“We were actually trying for a second child when I found a lump,” Tammy Myers said.

Tammy and husband Jordan Meyers had two questions for doctors when she found out she had breast cancer.

How long does she have, and can they have another child?

The answer was yes, she would beat it and yes, they could have another child, but getting rights to her kids has proved to be a losing battle.

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Surrogate Nurse Has Baby For High School Classmate From Years Ago

Source The Patch

A nurse at McLaren Greater Lansing was a surrogate for an old high school friend. (Shutterstock)

A nurse at McLaren Greater Lansing was a surrogate for an old high school friend. (Shutterstock)

LANSING, MI — Nurses across America have put their lives on the line all year working with coronavirus patients. One healthcare worker in Michigan took it a step further, stepping in as a surrogate for an old high school friend who she had lost touch with more than a dozen years ago.

Christy Acevedo was on Facebook when she noticed a callout for Katy Sanchez, someone she graduated from high school with in 2007, a report from FOX 47 News describes. Sanchez needed a surrogate mother to have her baby due to her taking part in a clinical trial connected to her cancer diagnoses.

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Gay dads have ‘triplets’ after two surrogates give birth to babies at same time

Source Mirror

Bjarke Damm and Lars Hansen have ended up with triplets from two surrogates (Image: Bjarke Damm / Lars Hansen / SWNS)

A gay couple are now dads to “triplets” after two surrogates gave birth to their babies at the same time.

Bjarke Damm, and Lars Hansen, both 44, were over the moon when two loved ones separately offered to become surrogate mums for the couple.

Instead of turning one down, they asked Bjarke’s sister Pia, and their close friend Danielle McDavis if they could both help them make a family at the same time.

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Surrogacy, Ukraine

How Do People Know the Clinics and Agencies to Work With for Ukrainian Surrogacy?

Source Digital Journal

One of the first and most important questions couples ask us when they are considering surrogacy is:

“How do we know which clinic to work with? How can we know which clinics are the best?

Currently, there are now about 50 surrogacy facilities offering affordable surrogacy programs in Ukraine. Quality varies significantly. For something as important as your child, choosing a low-quality clinic can be disastrous. Working with the best quality clinics is essential to your success in bringing home a healthy child.

We provide honest and accurate information and facts in a world of rumors, misinformation, and internet promises.

Since we have been working in Ukraine well before many clinics even opened, we know an immense amount of internal information. We are constantly reevaluating our clinics – dropping those that don’t meet our demanding standards and assessing other clinics as potential medical providers for our couples.

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Russia, Surrogacy

Russia Considers Banning Surrogacy for Unmarried People, Foreigners – RBC

Source The Moscow Times

Russia is one of the few countries worldwide where commercial surrogacy is allowed.
Alexander Avilov / Moskva News Agency

Foreigners and unmarried Russians could be banned from having children with the help of a surrogate under a new draft bill, the RBC news website reported Wednesday.

Russia is one of the few countries worldwide where commercial surrogacy is allowed, but a backlash against foreign surrogacy has been growing with warnings that women and children are being exploited by wealthy foreigners. The country has also pursued conservative legislation in hopes of reversing its declining birth rates.

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New Zealand – Surrogacy horror: Kiwi parents are having to share custody with surrogate

Source NZ Herald

Anna and Mark are living what many hopeful parents would call a nightmare.

The couple, who the Herald has agreed not to name, are stuck in a shared custody agreement with their surrogate after the woman decided she wanted to keep the child.

Shortly before the woman was due to give birth they claim she essentially cut off contact with the pair.

“There’s nothing worse than not knowing. If we’d been told from the start that she wanted to keep it, it would be easier than just not knowing, because we had no idea whether she would contact us when the baby was born, or what her plan was,” says Anna.

Their fears rang true when the baby did arrive and they weren’t told.

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Accused of abandoning two babies in the US, this Chinese celebrity has sparked a national debate about surrogacy

Source CNN

Actress Zheng Shuang has been accused by her former partner Zhang Heng of abandoning their two surrogate babies in the United States.

(CNN) At first, it seemed like a classic celebrity romance.Zheng Shuang, 29, was one of China’s most popular actresses after shooting to fame a decade ago. Zhang Heng, 30, was a talented producer for a variety show. In 2018, the pair went public with a set of couple selfies, and often appeared affectionately in the spotlight afterward — even co-starring in a popular reality series.

So fans were shocked when Zhang took to China’s Twitter-like platform Weibo earlier this month to claim he has been stranded in the United States for more than a year, left alone to “take care of and protect two young and innocent lives.”

The couple was believed to have split while two surrogate mothers they hired were pregnant with their kids, with Zheng accused of abandoning the babies.

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Michigan couple denied parental rights after using gestational carrier

Photo By: WNEM


A Michigan couple were denied parental rights to their biological twins after using a gestational carrier.

“We were actually trying for a second child when I found a lump,” Tammy Myers said.

Tammy and husband Jordan Meyers had two questions for doctors when she found out she had breast cancer.

How long does she have, and can they have another child?

The answer was yes, she would beat it and yes, they could have another child, but getting rights to her kids has proved to be a losing battle.

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Surrogacy, UK

UK – Mother-of-two preparing to welcome her SEVENTH surrogate child after 13 rounds of IVF vows this is her last – but admits she ‘loves being pregnant and giving birth’

Source Daily Mirror

A mother-of-two who is currently expecting her seventh surrogate child has vowed this is the final pregnancy.

Ria Pawlow, 40, from Portsmouth, has helped three couples start a family and undergone a total of 13 rounds of IVF.

The care worker, who has two children from a previous relationship and shares two sons with her partner Stacey, whom she married in September 2017, is due on March 26 but admitted she expects the baby to come early because she has gestational diabetes.

It’s the second time she’s developed the condition – and she nearly died during her fifth surrogate birth when she retained her placenta, leaving her in intensive care and needing a blood transfusion. 

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Selfless woman pregnant with her own niece after stepping in as sister’s surrogate

Source Mirror

A selfless sibling is five months pregnant with her niece after her sister made the devastating decision to have her cervix removed.

Michela Nuno was left heartbroken when she discovered she had an adenocarcinoma, a type of cancerous tumour, on her cervix.

The 37-year-old made the tough decision to have the organ removed after giving birth.

After one year of trying for a third baby with husband, Alex, 38, Michela felt the risk of the cancer spreading was too great.

So she gave up on her dream of having a child naturally and began looking into surrogacy.

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Australia – The NT Government will introduce surrogacy laws in 2021 — but it’s ‘too late’ for some

Source ABC Australia

After 11 years and dozens of failed IVF attempts, Tara and Luke Kaspar are about to become parents.(ABC News: Al Dowler)

Tara and Luke Kaspar have been trying to have a baby for the past decade.

They’ve spent nearly $100,000, raided their superannuation accounts and been through 28 rounds of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) — falling pregnant twice and miscarrying both times.

Luke, who comes from a big family, says as tough as it’s been financially, it’s been tougher still on their mental health.

“It was tough mentally and on the hip pocket, but more mentally,” he says.

After years in limbo, Tara and Luke are just months away from becoming parents using Tara’s sister as a surrogate and egg donor.

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Surrogacy, Ukraine

Ukrainian Surrogacy: How It Works For Couples Longing For A Child

Source Digital Journal

Ukrainian Surrogacy has been in the news a lot recently. Rightly so. It is has become the go-to location for couples to have a child. The combination of secure legal rights, high success rates, affordability and accessibility, are very compelling. Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency works with couples around the world to have children through Ukrainian surrogacy. They offer advantages that no one else does to protect couples from potential pitfalls, fully resolve their concerns and deliver a beautiful baby!

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How Having a Surrogate Carry My Daughter Taught Me to Let Go

Source PopSugar

In the summer of 2018, I became a mom for the first time — and, like most new moms, I had so many questions. But besides the best car seat and stroller combo to choose for my daughter, I found myself having deep philosophical thoughts about how to raise her.

I had already relinquished the control I anticipated having when I decided to let her be carried by a surrogate. If it were up to me, I would have been the mom who ate nothing but organic food, exercised daily (but not too intensely), and played Bach through headphones attached to my baby belly, but that’s not how things played out. And while I trusted my surrogate was doing well by my daughter, I didn’t know exactly what that meant. As the pregnancy developed, I realized I had to work at letting go of that control since it was simply not an option.

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Surrogacy Law

Surrogacy law does little for would-be parents

Source Times Union

Legalization of commercial surrogacy, with appropriate safeguards, is good public policy. Unfortunately, New York failed in its attempt to restructure and finally pass the Child-Parent Security Act.

The latest version, approved as part of the budget in March, was supposed to be debated vigorously. It was not brought to a floor vote last year because its opponents called for more discussion and understanding. But this year there was no debate whatsoever. The act was shoved into the budget and voted into law while no one was paying much attention to anything unrelated to COVID-19 coming out of Albany. It seems as if only now, as people are realizing what transpired, is debate occurring.

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Surrogacy, Ukraine

Nearly 50 surrogate babies crammed into Ukraine hotel amid coronavirus

Source Grunt Stuff

Nearly 50 surrogate babies from a number of nations — together with the US — are crammed into a dormitory at a Ukraine hotel and can’t be picked up by their households in the course of the coronavirus lockdown, troubling new video exhibits.

Employees on the BioTexCom Heart for Human Replica within the capital metropolis of Kiev are caring for some 46 crying newborns because the nation has utterly closed its borders as a result of pandemic.

Infants staying there are from the US, the UK, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, China, Mexico and different nations, in keeping with the video, apparently made to ease dad and mom’ issues, and posted by the clinic on April 30.


How Do Surrogacy Journeys Differ In The UK To The US?

Source INSC Magazine

Difficulties in conceiving and reproducing their own kind have no boundaries or nationality. It doesn’t matter where the person who dreams of a child is living – in England or the USA – for him there is nothing more important than leaving his continuation in this world. For problems with the natural process, you can always turn to assisted reproductive methods. But the laws of states are not always loyal to such methods of overcoming infertility.

Therefore, desperate people are forced to go on a surrogacy journey, so that the cherished dream comes true.

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COVID leaves surrogate babies stranded in Russia

Source BioNews

As many as 1000 babies born through surrogacy in Russia have been unable to meet their intended parents due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Intended parents would usually collect their baby a few days after birth, but Russia closed its borders in March due to the coronavirus outbreak, making it impossible for families expecting through international surrogacy arrangements to bring their babies home. 

‘This is an urgent problem. These are children that are growing every day. They need their parents,’ Irina Kirkora, deputy head of the Kremlin’s Advisory Council on Human Rights in Moscow, told the Guardian.

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