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Ireland – Surrogacy: ‘Infertile couples will still have to go abroad to make their dream a reality’

Source The Ireland Journal

THE MINISTER FOR Health, Simon Harris, is forcefully encouraging the electorate to vote to repeal the 8th Amendment via his Twitter page. Consequently, the Minister is demonstrating that he empathises with women who need to be able to exercise the right to choose to terminate their pregnancy in Ireland.

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1 thought on “Ireland – Surrogacy: ‘Infertile couples will still have to go abroad to make their dream a reality’”

  1. Unfortunately, infertility is the grave problem nowadays. We can’t even imagine the whole amount of people that are suffering from some fertility issues. But at the same time, not all governments and politics can understand this! It seems that they just hope it wouldn’t happen with them and their relatives. But no one is protected from such things. I believe that it is an untrammeled right of each person to get a child. So if someone tries to ban other to get a child, these people will find some other options. I must say that it is pretty popular nowadays to go abroad for the surrogate motherhood program. Moreover, I must say that in the modern world there are so many countries that can provide your couple necessary help! There are so many modern clinics around the world. One of my friends also was looking for such help. Somewhere on the internet she read positive feedback about Ukrainian clinic Biotexcom. They propose a lot of advantages for intended parents and offer the most affordable prices. Furthermore, this clinic covers the couple food supply, accommodation, transfer and medications. Also there are no hidden fees, just one single price and many advantages. I had some doubts because it looks too ‘sweet’. But if she is so confident, let it be. Maybe one day such clinics will be everywhere.

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