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Source MamaMia

Barry Du Bois knew his children were his the precise moment they were created. He saw it, felt it. It was a hot morning in Mumbai, India, when the former builder was permitted into the hospital laboratory to watch his sperm being implanted into a donor egg.

As he writes in his new book Life Force, “I was there, watching, when I saw the cell, the single cell of one of my children go… blip… into two cells. I saw that happen with my own eyes. I was there for the creation of life.

“I knew this was the time. I knew they were my children, right there and then.”

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Forged IVF Signature

Germany – Ex-husband must pay child support after forged IVF signature

Source BioNews

A German man has been told that he must pay child support for his son, who was born after his ex-wife forged his signature to become pregnant using their frozen embryos.

The former couple, known only as Karl and Inge for privacy reasons, created frozen embryos by IVFduring their relationship. After their separation, Inge used the embryos to become pregnant without Karl’s knowledge, forging Karl’s signature twice on the clinic’s consent forms.

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Surrogate Mother

A Two-Time Surrogate Talks Carrying Someone Else’s Child (and Getting Paid for It) 

Source Parade

It takes a village to raise a child, and sometimes it takes a small village to make one too. Fertility agencies such as Extraordinary Conceptionsspecialize in helping families grow in less conventional ways, connecting surrogates and egg donors with “intended parents” who may need a little help to expand their family.

Parade talked with Breana, a two-time surrogate and three-time egg donor, about her own experiences and her work as part of the admissions team at Extraordinary Conceptions.

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Sperm Donor Lies on Application

Sperm donor lies on profile leaving Georgia families with few options

Source WSB-TV 2 Atlanta

PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. – The rage started early. Collapsing on the floor in Kindergarten. Not responding to anyone, and screaming in the first grade.

There were signs of bipolar disorder.

Then he disappeared in the third grade.

As he grew into his teenage years, Wendy Norman’s son took a deeper dive into troubling behavior.

“Then we found on his phone that he was searching how to kill myself and how to kill my perfect step brother,” the Peachtree City mother said.

Norman is one of several mothers across the United States, Canada and U.K. who have filed claims against Atlanta-based sperm bank, Xytex, amid the discovery their sperm donor’s profile was a lie. 

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Sperm Donor Children

UK – 17 British sperm donors have fathered more than 500 children between them, figures show

Source The Telegraph

Charities have warned that dozens of babies could be left with genetic mutations because sperm donors are not screened CREDIT:GETTY IMAGES CONTRIBUTOR

Seventeen British sperm donors have fathered more than 500 children between them, new figures show.

The startling numbers have led to fears that men could be unknowingly passing defective DNA to dozens of youngsters, because currently donors are not screened for faulty genes such as BRCA1/2 which increase the risk of ovarian and breast cancer.

It also raises the risk that siblings could unexpectedly meet and form relationships without realising they are related.

Although more than 18,000 children have been born who have at least nine other half-brothers or sisters, just 163 have registered on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) Donor Sibling Link, which attempts to reunite them.

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sister surrogate mother, UK

UK – SISTER ACT  Selfless mum-of-two carries surrogate baby for her sister whose heart defect means pregnancy would kill her

Source The Sun
EBONY Hutt is carrying her young sister Lauren’s baby after a rare heart condition would make pregnancy fatal for both her and her unborn child.

TAKING sisterly love and devotion to an entirely new level, one mother-of-two is currently six months pregnant… with her younger sister’s baby.

The baby’s biological mother Lauren Hooper, 31, received the heart-breaking news that her rare heart condition would make her too weak to survive a pregnancy after she married husband Michael in 2014.

Born with a hole in her heart, a malformation of the pulmonary artery and collateral arteries to the lungs, Lauren was never expected to survive beyond her first birthday.

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Parental rights, UK

UK – Surrogacy reform could remove automatic rights from birth parents

Source The Telegraph

The current law means intended parents must apply for a court order to gain legal rights over the child. CREDIT: DOMINIC LIPINSKI /PA

Surrogacy laws could be reformed to remove automatic rights from birth parents, under plans being examined by the Government.

Law Commission recommendations to reform surrogacy law have received Government backing and will be developed to make the rules “fit for the modern world”.

A three-year project will examine the current rules which give a woman and her husband automatic parentage over any child she gives birth to, even if the child is not biologically theirs.

It will “consider the legal parentage of children born via surrogacy, and the regulation of surrogacy more widely,” the Law Commission said.

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Canada, Doctor using own sperm

Canada – Barwin’s babies: The remarkable story of a disgraced Ottawa fertility doctor and those who say they are his children

Source Ottawa Citizen

Kat Palmer always knew she was a Barwin baby.

It was a matter of pride in her family that Dr. Norman Barwin, Ottawa’s renowned fertility doctor and baby whisperer, had helped her parents conceive after years of trying.

As members of Ottawa’s tight-knit Jewish community, they sometimes ran into the doctor at events while she was growing up.

“My parents were so grateful to this man. My dad would bring me over and say: ‘We are so thankful to him because he gave us you.’”

Those words hang in the air as Palmer says them today. They have new meaning now.

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Canada, Doctor using own sperm

Canada – Editorial: A lawsuit over sperm

Source Ottawa Citizen

Imagine finding out that your father isn’t really your biological parent. That’s the reality more than two dozen people have struggled with because of alleged mismatched sperm donations at the Ottawa fertility clinic once run by Dr. Norman Barwin.

The parents of these people went to Barwin for treatments to help them conceive using the male partner’s sperm. Instead, Barwin himself is thought to have provided the sperm that led to 11 pregnancies – without the couples in question knowing this. In another 16 cases, the family can’t identify the sperm donor at all.

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Canada – ‘Multibillion-dollar industry with almost no oversight’: Tougher fertility regulations on the way

Source Ottawa Citizen

Could tougher regulations around the use and handling of donor sperm have prevented the fallout devastating former clients of Dr. Norman Barwin’s Broadview Fertility Clinic?

It is difficult to say, but at the very least tighter rules might have limited the damage. And they are badly needed in Canada, experts in the field argue.

In fact, a series of standards developed by the Canadian Standards Association, which would tighten rules around sperm and egg banks, have been accepted by the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons, which regulates doctors in the province, and are soon expected to be in place.

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India, Infertility

India – Infertility and the related worries

Source The Hans India

Nowadays, infertility is on a rise in both men and women. Studies say that one out of every seven couples in the world is unable to have a child. Dr Shruti Malvi, Director of Kbpn Malvi Hospital in Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh, has been extensively working on the problem of infertility. She gives us an insight into the world of infertility and the myths behind it.

The processes of ovulation and fertilisation need to happen correctly to get pregnant. Sometimes the issues that cause infertility in couples are present at birth, and sometimes they develop later in life. Dr Shruti defines Infertility as the failure to achieve clinical pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sexual intercourse

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Europe, IVF

5 facts about IVF parenting in Europe – what you need to know

Source DW

A German man was forced to pay child support for a son he never agreed to have after his ex-wife used his sperm samples for IVF treatment. European laws on who are parents have been slow to adapt to changing societies.

1. Who is the parent? A child can only have two parents in European countries. Those whose names appear on the birth certificate have parental responsibility. The birth mother is always the legal mother and the other legal parent is her spouse or civil partner or possibly the biological father. If the parents are married, both are registered as parents.

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New Zealand, Two mothers on birth certificate

New Zealand – First for NZ: Couple both listed as ‘mother’ on child’s birth certificate

Source News Talk ZB

Nelson-Tasman region couple Stacy and Jess conceived Evie using donor sperm and IVF. (Photo / Nelson Weekly)

For the first time in New Zealand two women can be named on a child’s birth certificate as “mother” for children conceived using assisted reproductive techniques.

Jess and Stacy complained to the Human Rights Commission, who raised it with the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA).

The women both wanted to named as mother on their daughter Evie’s birth certificate.

The lawyer who advocated for the “massive” change said it could affect more than 1000 children.

Solicitor and barrister Stewart Dalley, at Ryken and Associates, took on the case on a pro bono basis, after reading of their plight in the Herald last year.

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LGBTQ Parental Rights

Lesbian Mom Secures Parental Rights In Illinois—But The Fight Goes On In Other States

Source INTO

Ashlie Judd was listed as the parent on her daughter’s birth certificate, but it took a court ruling to establish her parental rights.

Late last week, an Illinois appeals court ruled in her favor, affirming the rights of both hers and other same-sex non-biological parents in the state.

The case dates back to 2014 when Judd and her ex-wife Dee Baron-Judd brought a daughter into their family. According to court documents, the couple selected a sperm donor together who would reflect Judd’s physical appearance, jointly paid for fertility treatments, held a baby shower together, and welcomed their daughter in the hospital. (Baron-Judd is the biological mother.)

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DNA Test

Ancestry report has changed 2 St. Louisans lives

Source KPLR11

ST. LOUIS – The latest trend of researching your heritage on DNA testing websites is revealing some stunning surprises and not all of them are good.

Privacy issues are becoming an issue. For example, sperm donors may no longer be anonymous and parents who give their child up for adoption are being found whether they like it or not.

Fox 2 spoke with a man who didn’t want to be identified but recently learned he was a sperm donor baby. His parents never told him. He received an test kit as a gift.

When he got the results, it showed he had half-siblings. He thought he was an only child.

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LGBTQ Parental Rights

Italy – Italy Takes A Grande Step Forward For LGBT Parental Rights

Source Above The Law

An exciting first: a same-sex female couple was permitted to register their donor-conceived son to both women as parents.

Although Italy may be the international capital for art, it isn’t anywhere close to being the international capital for ART law. That is, assisted reproductive technology (ART). Use of assisted reproductive technology like in vitro fertilization (IVF) and surrogacy is highly regulated, and it is reserved only for those in “stable heterosexual relationships.” I’m not sure many of us, regardless of sexual orientation, can confidently claim that status.

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Donor Sperm Selection

Donor, Not Dad

Source The Keene Sentinel

When people learn that my wife and I have two children, I’m often asked: “Do they know who their dad is?”

Then I assure them that our children don’t have a dad – they have two moms. And I explain that we used a sperm bank to choose anonymous donors.

Initially, the donor search was exciting. There were thousands of profiles to sift through, screened by a variety of factors including physical characteristics, ancestry, health history and educational background

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male infertility,

Ireland – ‘I do believe I’ll be a dad some day’ – Three Irish men reveal the heartbreak of fertility struggles

Source Irish Independent News

Fertility has long been considered a female problem, but with sperm counts under threat, it’s time to realise that men have ticking clocks too. Chrissie Russell reports

Happy families resemble each other, and to anyone, Paul (33), his wife Kristel (32) and their 18-month-old daughter Zoe look like any other young, happy family. Looking on, you’d never know the battle that brought them to this point in their lives.

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Fertility over 40

Australia – Everything You Need To Know About Fertility In Your 40s

Source Australian Women’s Health

With the average age of new mothers increasing, many couples are waiting longer to start their family. Unfortunately, one of the consequence of delaying pregnancy until later in life is that age is the most important factor when it comes to conceiving.

Quite simply, women are less likely to conceive in their 40s because they don’t produce eggs with the potential to make babies as often as women do in their 20 and 30s. In fact, on average women aged 40-43 will produce just one egg a year with the ability to make a baby.

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Child from egg donation finds donor

Southern California woman donates eggs in college, meets ‘egg’ almost 2 decades later

Source Fox 35

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (KTVU) – A USC college student armed with only a few clues – including a grainy photo of a woman posing in a pool – was able to track down the woman responsible for giving her life.

Elizabeth Gaba had known she was born via egg donation and surrogacy her entire life. When she turned 18, she was given access to her file.
The file was scant when it came to details. Gaba learned the woman who donated eggs had a first name of Amy, was born in 1977, and was a straight A music student at USC.

Gaba, a student at USC’s Thornton School of Music’s pop program, was amazed to learn her egg donor also went to USC. But the similarities didn’t stop there.
Through some online sleuthing, Gaba, along with the help of her manager Amanda Newman of Varsity Vocals, identified her egg donor as Amy Throckmorton of Escondido.

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