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Surrogate cares for family’s baby for 1 year due to coronavirus pandemic

Source GMA

Emily Chrislip, a 25-year-old mom from Idaho, thought her experience as a surrogate for a family in China would end after she gave birth.

Instead, Chrislip and her husband, Brandon, remain the temporary caregivers for the baby Chrislip gave birth to last May.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the baby, whose name and face the family are not revealing publicly due to privacy concerns, has remained with the Chrislips in Idaho for nearly one year instead of returning to her biological parents in China.

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Surrogacy stirs up heated debate in China

Source CGTN

Recent high-profile cases have stirred up heated debate about surrogacy in China, with experts calling for a legislation on the controversial practice.

In a recent case, a Chinese pop star and her partner were found to have had two babies through surrogacy in the U.S., shocking the general public in China, who were further irritated after disclosed undercover recording showed that the woman intended not to shoulder parental responsibility.

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China -Proposal calls for cracking down on surrogacy industry

Source Shine

A long-term mechanism should be created to crack down on the underground surrogacy industry, with regional legislation and grid-style social management based in communities, according to local political advisers in their proposal to the Two Sessions.

Last week in a post on Weibo, Zheng Shuang, a popular Chinese actress, was accused by her former partner, producer Zhang Heng, of abandoning their two babies born to American surrogate mothers.

Zheng allegedly refused to sign documents required for Zhang to take the babies back to China. As a result, Zhang and the babies remain in the United States.

In a recording Zhang provided, Zheng allegedly expressed frustration that the surrogates, who were seven months pregnant at the time, couldn’t have abortions.

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China – Court Orders Mother To Return $1.4 Million in Surrogacy Money

Source Sixth Tone

A court in China’s central Hunan province has ordered a woman to return the money she received for her surrogacy — a controversial case that highlights the murky legalities in the country surrounding the practice.

In a verdict announced last month but only made public Friday, the Tianxin District People’s Court in Changsha demanded Zeng Meili return the 10 million yuan ($1.44 million) from Peng Shimin — both pseudonyms used by the court due to privacy concerns — for delivering twin boys in 2013. Peng’s wife had filed a lawsuit against Zeng and her husband in 2016 asking the court to retrieve the money Peng spent from their joint financial account. The wife said she was unaware of the surrogacy as well as the birth of the twins.

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Parental hopefuls seek fertile ground overseas


The easing of China’s family planning policy was a boon for Zhang Yinhe and his wife Xu Mengsha, who had decided to freeze an embryo for use during in vitro fertilization in the hope of having a second child someday.

However, in China most IVF procedures are restricted to infertile couples, and reproductive clinics have been overwhelmed with hopeful couples since the family planning policy was scrapped two years ago, which meant Zhang and Xu faced a long wait before they could have the procedure.

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Chinese sperm bank: Donors must ‘love socialist motherland’

Source MassLive

If you want to donate sperm at one Chinese hospital, get ready to pledge support to the Communist Party.
According to the BBC, quoting various media sources, a statement Wednesday on a since deleted website of Peking University Third Hospital in Beijing, said donors to its sperm bank must “love the socialist motherland.”
This was translated to mean “support the leadership of the Communist Party, be loyal to the party’s cause and be decent, law-abiding citizens, free of political problems.”

U.S. sperm banks ask many non-genetic based questions of donors, such as hobbies and goals, but party affiliation may be a first one for such screening anywhere.

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China – Surrogate motherhood becomes a family industry in poor Chinese villages

Source:  Yahoo

Poor villagers in central China are making more than 100,000 yuan (US$15,000) by acting as surrogate mothers, a Chinese news site has reported.

In some areas, most women of child bearing age had been hiring out their wombs, even though the practice was illegal, reported on Saturday.

The news portal’s investigation highlighted the case of a village in Hubei province, where more than 100 women were bearing the fertilised eggs of couples they had never met.

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Chinese black-market surrogacy is booming

Source:  BioEdge

Fueled by high demand and high rewards, black-market surrogacy is booming in China, The Times (London) reports. Its source is The Paper, a state-run news website, which carried out a two-month-long investigation.

Agents charge commissioning couples anywhere between US$55,000 and $155,000 for a baby, gender guaranteed. It is also risky, especially if there are problems with the pregnancy or if the baby is disabled.

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