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GR family describes ‘scary’ process to adopt their biological twins born via gestational carrier

Source Fox 17 West Michigan

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich — In January, FOX 17 told you about a couple in Grand Rapids, still working to gain legal rights to their twins born via gestational carrier. That process often means they will have to adopt their own biological children.

Their story is one that many families are familiar with, including the Welz’s in Grand Rapids, who went through an agency to help them adopt their twins.

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Court Denies Parents’ Bid To Adopt Their Biological Twins Born Via Surrogate

Source Baby Gaga

Even though they’re the biological parents of their twins, Tammy and Jordan Myers are being forced to adopt their babies because they were born to a surrogate. The New York Times explains that Michigan law currently does not recognize the biological parents as the legal parents of children born to surrogates. Rather, the surrogate is automatically deemed the legal parent, whether they used their eggs to conceive the child or not. For Tammy and Jordan Myers’ twins, a daughter named Ellison and a son named Eames, the surrogate, Lauren Vermilye, and her husband were listed as the legal parents at birth.

The Myers, who are also parents to 8-year-old daughter Corryn, have tried twice to adopt their biological twins but have been denied both times. This decision comes even after both a fertility doctor as well as the surrogate and her husband declared in separate affidavits that the twins are the biological children of the Myers and support their bid to adopt the babies. The Myers originally connected with their gestational surrogate after an emotional plea on Facebook. They paid for IVF in order to transfer Tammy’s egg and Jordan’s sperm to the surrogate’s uterus. The surrogate, who has two children of her own, grew close to the Myers and has been supportive of them raising their twins since the beginning.

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Couple denied parental rights after using gestational carrier


A Michigan couple was denied parental rights to their biological twins after using a gestational carrier.

“We were actually trying for a second child when I found a lump,” Tammy Myers said.

Tammy and husband Jordan Meyers had two questions for doctors when she found out she had breast cancer.

How long does she have, and can they have another child?

The answer was yes, she would beat it and yes, they could have another child, but getting rights to her kids has proved to be a losing battle.

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UK – Rising success of IVF has caused a collapse in adoption, says head of organisation for children in care

Source Telegraph

Improvements in IVF are leading to fewer children being adopted, the head of the organisation representing children in care in England says today.

Since the dawn of fertility treatment in 1978, success rates in the NHS have risen from 7 to 29 per cent for under-35s. Some private clinics claim rates of more than 50 per cent, meaning infertile couples stand a better chance than ever of having their own children.

But in an interview with The Telegraph today, Anthony Douglas, the chief executive of the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass), says the growing success of IVF means fewer people will consider adopting children.
“IVF used to be around 7 per cent successful and…

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New Zealand – Toni Street slams ‘outdated’ surrogacy adoption process and spurs PM to promise ‘fixing’ the law

Source TVNZ

Broadcaster Toni Street has elicited a promise from the prime minister that updating adoption laws is on the Government’s agenda after the media personality posted on social media about having difficulty adopting her biological son born via a surrogate.

Street wrote in an Instagram post that she had signed a petition for the New Zealand Adoption Act to be updated.

“It is incredibly hard for loving parents to adopt in this country and our vulnerable children deserve better,” she wrote. 

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Racism, Blackmail, And Death: Iowa Supreme Court Makes Pro-Surrogacy Ruling In Tumultuous Case

Source: Above The Law

Let’s count this as an important half-victory for securing the rights of intended parents to enter into valid surrogacy agreements.

Last week, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled in favor of the intended parents in a surrogacy arrangement gone wildly wrong. The judgment finally secured the parental rights of an intended parent who was also the genetic father of the baby. The case also set a valuable precedent for enforcing surrogacy contracts in Iowa. Intended parents and gestational surrogates — as well as fertility doctors and assisted reproductive technology attorneys in the Hawkeye state — can all celebrate the new certainty and dependability of many of these arrangements. However, the decision left open the possibility that some parents may be left out in the bitter Iowa cold.

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India – Surrogacy and Adoption: An insight

Source: Times of India

Every couple hopes to hear their child giggling in the house, but sometimes their dream seems to slowly fade to a point that it starts to feel far-fetched. Science is offering many Assisted Reproductive Techniques but seldom medical issues with the couple obstruct the way, even after options like IVF, IUI, and ICSI etc. When these techniques fail, a couple has two final options left: Adoption and Surrogacy.

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