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Court Denies Parents’ Bid To Adopt Their Biological Twins Born Via Surrogate

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Even though they’re the biological parents of their twins, Tammy and Jordan Myers are being forced to adopt their babies because they were born to a surrogate. The New York Times explains that Michigan law currently does not recognize the biological parents as the legal parents of children born to surrogates. Rather, the surrogate is automatically deemed the legal parent, whether they used their eggs to conceive the child or not. For Tammy and Jordan Myers’ twins, a daughter named Ellison and a son named Eames, the surrogate, Lauren Vermilye, and her husband were listed as the legal parents at birth.

The Myers, who are also parents to 8-year-old daughter Corryn, have tried twice to adopt their biological twins but have been denied both times. This decision comes even after both a fertility doctor as well as the surrogate and her husband declared in separate affidavits that the twins are the biological children of the Myers and support their bid to adopt the babies. The Myers originally connected with their gestational surrogate after an emotional plea on Facebook. They paid for IVF in order to transfer Tammy’s egg and Jordan’s sperm to the surrogate’s uterus. The surrogate, who has two children of her own, grew close to the Myers and has been supportive of them raising their twins since the beginning.

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