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Dear Donor 14659, thank you for your sperm

Source Washington Post

Dear Sperm Donor 14659:

You don’t know me, but I am the mother of your child. I’m a single, 42-year-old, African American woman with a successful public-policy career, a strong social network and a tightknit family. I always believed I would bring a child into this world, but by the time I entered the geriatric phase of fertility, I still had not found “the one.” So, a little more than two years ago, after lots of soul searching, research and a few conversations with people I trust, I selected your profile from hundreds of potential donors in the California Cryobank. With God’s abundant grace, and with your generous genetic contribution, I gave birth to a healthy, smart, beautiful and hilariously tenacious little angel who is curious about the world and is just learning to walk in it.

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