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A surrogate mother’s ‘logical decision’ to help a couple living 3,269 miles away

Source Times Of Israel

NEWTON, Massachusetts — After giving birth to three children, Carrie Bornstein decided to take her “uterus sitting here collecting dust” and “put it to good use” for a couple she’d never met.

Until deciding to carry a child for Vivianne and David, a British-Jewish couple living in London, Bornstein had never known a surrogate mother personally. She had, however, enjoyed being pregnant with her two boys and little girl, Bornstein told The Times of Israel in an interview at her workplace outside Boston

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One Woman’s Body, Another Woman’s Baby

Source: Jewish Journal

A large chalkboard in the kitchen of the Sherman Oaks home of Sam and Rachel Simkin proclaims, “Please excuse the mess, we are making memories.” Those memories are being made with their children: Jonah, 9, Penina, 7, Vered, 4, and their 12-year-old golden retriever, Nagy.

Rachel, 38, is finishing pumping breast milk for the fourth baby she gave birth to in November. He was nicknamed “Baby G” while in utero. However, he is not the Simkins’ son. Rachel was a gestational surrogate, implanted with an embryo created via in vitro fertilization with Mr. and Mrs. G’s egg and sperm.

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