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‘Born out of love’: Surrogate in Ohio gives birth to rare identical triplets for Michigan dads

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AKRON, Ohio — When identical triplets Parker, Robin and Sylvie O’Neill are old enough to understand the full story of their journey to birth, they will learn about a story of serendipity, love and selflessness.

The 1-month-old girls are the daughters of husbands Kevin O’Neill and Eric Portenga of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Their surrogate was Maureen Farris of West Akron, Ohio.

“We love these girls’ birth story, and I hope someday we can sit around the table and share it with them and tell them and they’ll love it as well and be proud of it as we are,” Farris said.

The girls were born Sept. 9 by cesarean section at Cleveland Clinic Akron General and taken directly to the neonatal intensive care unit at Akron General. They spent 18 days in the NICU.

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