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The Surprising Answer To Where In The World Surrogacy Is (Il)Legal (European Edition)

Source Above The Law

Europe is way behind America in allowing people to grow their families through assisted reproductive technology

Here in the United States, we have a patchwork of laws, or a lack of laws, that vary from state to state. While California and Nevada, for example, have helpful and inclusive surrogacy-specific legislation, Michigan and Arizona have anti-surrogacy legislation. Many states fall in the middle with no law, or partially helpful or unhelpful laws. The Empire State, surprising us all, is among the states unhelpful for hopeful parents. Legislation was recently proposed to bring New York into the 21st century, but for now, it’s still pending. Thankfully, at least the District of Columbia, Washington state, and New Jersey all passed pro-surrogacy laws in the last 18 months. Hopefully New York will follow suit.

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