The Issues with Surrogacy and IVF

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Recently, the famous married couple of Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra announced that they welcomed their first child into this world by way of a surrogate. A surrogate mother is a woman who is artificially impregnated and then carries the baby in pregnancy for another couple. Once the surrogate mother delivers the baby, she surrenders the baby to the couple for whom she was carrying it.

While the Church has very specific teachings about the morality of issues like surrogacy, IVF, and egg donation, Timmerie took this opportunity to examine the specifics of why practices like this can prove harmful on a recent episode of Trending with Timmerie.

The Church teaches that children are a gift from God. They are not a piece of property that you can take or reject out of personal desire. Therefore, if you are called by God to be blessed with children, they are to be conceived and carried naturally by a husband and wife, the original and biological parents. The involvement of a third party like a surrogate mother or an egg or sperm donor is immoral. It is the manipulation of the origin of life because you do not like the outcome.

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