France, Surrogacy

Coronavirus pandemic sows chaos in surrogacy process

Source NBC News

Ishem Sanchez and his husband, Stéphane, are expecting the birth of their baby girl any day now. After four years of navigating the complex surrogacy process, it seemed everything was finally in place — until the COVID-19 pandemic turned the world upside down.

The couple lives in Paris, but they don’t know if they’ll be allowed to leave France in time for the birth of their daughter in the United States next month, or when they will be able to take her home.

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France, Surrogacy

France to recognize surrogacy abroad, report

Source ANSA Med

France is about to recognize the parentage of children born to a surrogate mother abroad, the so-called GPA (surrogacy for others), France Info reported on Tuesday.

The measure could come into effect ”over the coming weeks” thanks to a directive issued by the government, added France Info.(ANSAmed).

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France, Free Access To IVF

France – French ethics report: All women should have IVF access

Source Connextion France

The French national ethics committee has reiterated its stance in favour of extending medically-assisted reproduction to all women, including lesbians, and lifting anonymity of sperm donors in some cases.

The report, delivered on September 25 by the Comité Consultatif National d’Éthique (CCNE), confirms the viewthat all women – including homosexual couples and single women – should have free access to the medical procedure (usually IVF).

The committee is also in favour of allowing women to freeze embryos for future use – if the woman in question is within a certain age range.

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