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Cancer survivor is finally a mother thanks to her two younger sisters after one donated an egg and the other became a surrogate when 14 attempts at IVF costing $100,000 failed

Source Daily Mail

A woman who had 14 failed IVF has finally become a mother after one sister donated an egg and the other offered to be her surrogate.

Sam Bryant, 44, from Melbourne, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2003 and went through six months of chemotherapy before thankfully going into remission. 

However, despite medics preserving her uterus Sam went onto have 14 failed IVF attempts costing $100,000.

In a desperate attempt to have a child, midwife and primary school teacher Sam and her husband Ben, 45, travelled to a fertility clinic in Spain and accepted friends’ offers to donate their eggs but every effort failed.

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Sister egg donor

UK – ‘Having that taken away from me… I just wouldn’t know what to do’: Woman donates her eggs so her sister can be a mother after she went through menopause at just 23

Source Daily Mail

A woman who started going through menopause at the age of 23 has explained that without the help of her sister she wouldn’t have had the chance to become a mum.

Amber Spears, from Melbourne, had been trying to fall pregnant in 2014 when her body suddenly – and without warning – went into menopause.
Speaking on Today, Ms Spears said she started having up to 20 hot flushes a day, a situation she described as ‘horrendous’.

‘I went to a doctor and had some tests and it came back I was going through early menopause

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