Canada – Surrogacies are on the rise and the debate rages on two decades after trailblazer Robinson

Source Vancouver Sun
When Selina Robinson agreed in 1999 to carry a friend’s baby, doctors did not do surrogacies in B.C. so she travelled to Calgary to have the embryos implanted. Today, surrogacies are far more common, thanks to an increase in demand from same-sex couples and infertile women. As a result, a debate is raging about whether Canada should change its laws to allow surrogates, as well as egg and sperm donors, to be paid, as they are in the U.S.

Nearly 20 years ago, long before she became B.C.’ s municipal affairs and housing minister, Selina Robinson offered to be a surrogate mother for a friend who had lost one baby and was left infertile after a second pregnancy.

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