COVID-19, Surrogacy and Birthing Alone

Source Above The Law

Extreme times call for extreme measures. That’s true in any crisis, but especially right now, when hospitals and medical professionals are doing everything they can to keep up with the exponentially increasing cases of COVID-19 until we manage to flatten the curve. The struggle has meant new policies and measures to keep patients and medical personnel as safe as possible.

Of course, there are other medical needs right now besides treating COVID-19 patients. Just like before, a lot of people are giving birth to babies! On that front, the COVID-19 measures have been, for some, terrifying and traumatizing. A number of hospitals have taken to banning all nonmedical providers in the delivery room, aside from the person actually giving birth -– meaning that not even a spouse or partner is allowed in. (Stories like this one of a man hiding symptoms before entering the hospital to be with his delivering wife, and then likely infecting her, are not helping!) And when it’s a surrogacy birth, hospital policies may also prevent the intended or genetic parents — the people who will actually raise the child – from being there for the birth of their child, the summit of their fertility journey

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