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UK – Single mother, 23, who’s a surrogate for a gay couple says handing over her biological daughter didn’t feel like giving up ‘something personal’ because she doesn’t feel maternally bonded

SourceThe Daily Mail

A single mother has claimed being a surrogate for a gay couple gave her life a ‘new meaning’ when she felt so low she ‘didn’t really want to continue’ living.

Emma, 23, met husbands Kevin, 35, and Aki, 40, from Berkshire, on a fertility app which she likened to Tinder and agreed to carry their child as well as let them use one of her eggs.

The trio share their story as part of a new BBC Three documentary, The Surrogates, which explores the emotional highs and lows of the surrogacy in the UK, told by five women and the would-be parents. 

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