Fertility Benefits

This Company Is Working to Make IVF and Egg-Freezing Standard Employee Benefits

Source Brit + Co

For many of us, experiences with fertilitytreatment have been confined to Hollywood. We cheered on Mindy Kaling’s character from The Mindy Project as she opened her fertility clinic in downtown NYC. Then we devoured news articles about why Kim Kardashian and Kanye West chose to hire a gestational surrogate for their youngest child. There’s a reason for this distance: Fertility services are dang pricey. After Carrot co-founder and CEO Tammy Sun froze her eggs (and consequently spent half her savings) at the age of 34, she made it her life’s work to help transform fertility care into an accessible workplace benefit. Now hundreds of trendsetting companies across the US are offering fertility coverage to the millions (yes, millions!) of employees who need it. Fertility treatment is the future, at least according to Sun, so why not just figure it out now?
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