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Russia’s liberal surrogacy laws under threat

Source BioEdge

“Russia’s liberal surrogacy rules are under threat,” reports The Economist. The country has become a haven for foreigners seeking cheap surrogate mothers. A woman’s services can be purchased for about US$20,000, much less expensive than the United States.

But after bad publicity over the death of a baby who was intended for a Filipino couple, the practice could be banned for foreigners. “Russia is not an incubator,” says Irina Yarovaya, a deputy speaker of the Duma, Russia’s parliament.

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Costs, Surrogacy

Surrogacy can cost upwards of $150,000 – here are the hidden costs to save for

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Surrogacy can cost upwards of $100,000 depending on the practice. Luxy Images/ Getty Images

Surrogacy is an option for people who can’t, or would prefer not to, carry a pregnancy themselves. However, it is an expensive process.

“Costs can range from $100,000 to $150,000 or more, depending on multiple factors,” says Amanda Kallen, MD, a reproductive endocrinologist at Yale Fertility Center.

According to Kallen, costs can vary by agency, surrogate, number of fertility cycles, the lawyer you have, and even the state you or the surrogate are in. “For example, legal fees can differ from state to state, and in states where surrogates are in high demand, costs can be higher,” says Kallen.

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Surrogacy Costs, UK

UK – The ‘commercialisation of reproduction’: Desperate infertile couples are paying up to £60,000 to have babies through surrogate mothers in the UK

Source Daily Mail

Desperate couples are spending up to £60,000 to have babies through surrogate mothers giving birth in the UK, a conference was told.

The huge sums – more than double the average full-time salary of £28,000 – come despite a ban on commercial surrogacy.

Surrogate mothers in the UK are legally allowed to receive ‘reasonable expenses’ for carrying a pregnancy and giving birth.

Courts judge what ‘reasonable expenses’ are when transferring the parenting rights from the surrogate mother to the intended parents.

But courts can, and do, allow bigger sums if it is considered in the best interests of the child.

Critics yesterday hit out at the potential cost of having a baby through a surrogate and said it shows the ‘commercialisation of reproduction’.

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Surrogacy Costs, UK

UK – SURROGACY FEE FEAR  Up to £60k is being paid by some desperate Brit couples who choose to have a baby by surrogacy

Source The Sun

DESPERATE couples are spending up to £60,000 to have a baby using British surrogate mums, a conference has heard.

The huge sum is more than double the average UK salary of £25,000 and five to ten times what experts say it should cost.

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Surrogacy Costs, Ukraine

Ukraine – Costs and Legal Aspects of Surrogacy in the Ukraine

Source TGDaily

Searching for surrogacy within the US can be an exhaustive and expensive process. Many US couples have opted to look outside of our fine nations borders for better options concerning the surrogacy process. The Ukraine has recently become one of the choice places to look at for surrogate motherhood. Because of the explicit laws, excellent healthcare, ease of travel, and low associated expense, more and more couples that are having difficulty conceiving a family have been looking to and for surrogacy programs in the Ukraine.

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