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India to bring new Surrogacy Bill allowing widows and divorced women to be a surrogate mothers


India has come up with a new Surrogacy Bill which allows any “willing” woman to be a surrogate mother and proposes that widows and divorced women can also benefit from its provisions, besides infertile Indian couples. The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Feb 26 approved the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill 2020 approving all suggestions of the Parliament’s Selection Committee.

The bill incorporates all recommendations made by a Rajya Sabha selection committee, which studied an earlier version of the draft legislation, and is aimed at banning commercial surrogacy and allowing altruistic surrogacy, said Union Ministers Prakash Javadekar and Smriti Irani briefing media about the new details of the bill.

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Malta – Only Health Minister will be able to decide how altruistic surrogacy will be applied – David Agius

Source The Malta Independent

If the IVF bill is made law, the Health Minister will have exclusive rights to make the rules and regulations for altruistic surrogacy, says Nationalist Party Deputy Leader for Parliamentary Affairs David Agius in reference to Article 4 of the Embryo Protection Bill.

Agius quotes the Bill as saying: “The Minister shall by regulations prescribe the manner in which altruistic surrogacy shall be effected and for any matter incidental and ancillary thereto.”

This comes about in the light of Wednesday’s vote for approval of the second reading of the draft Bill. Agius comments that whereas before there was no right to surrogacy, now – if the law is passed – it will be introduced without knowing how it will be managed or the conditions that will apply.

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