Frozen Sperm

Perth woman wins right to take dead partner’s frozen sperm to ACT in bid to have his child

Source: ABC News

WA law prohibits the use of sperm or eggs from dead people to be used in in vitro fertilisation.


A 42-year-old Perth woman has won the right to take her dead partner’s frozen sperm to the ACT in a bid to have his baby.

The woman, known as GLS, launched civil proceedings in the Supreme Court last year, following the death of her partner in early 2016.

The man, referred to in court documents as Gary, suffered a heart attack in late January of that year was pronounced dead at Royal Perth Hospital a few days later.

He was 53 years old.

The couple had been together for more than five years, and had discussed freezing Gary’s sperm in late 2014, due to his age and fear of early death.

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