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How Do People Know the Clinics and Agencies to Work With for Ukrainian Surrogacy?

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One of the first and most important questions couples ask us when they are considering surrogacy is:

“How do we know which clinic to work with? How can we know which clinics are the best?

Currently, there are now about 50 surrogacy facilities offering affordable surrogacy programs in Ukraine. Quality varies significantly. For something as important as your child, choosing a low-quality clinic can be disastrous. Working with the best quality clinics is essential to your success in bringing home a healthy child.

We provide honest and accurate information and facts in a world of rumors, misinformation, and internet promises.

Since we have been working in Ukraine well before many clinics even opened, we know an immense amount of internal information. We are constantly reevaluating our clinics – dropping those that don’t meet our demanding standards and assessing other clinics as potential medical providers for our couples.

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