Your Doctor Diagnosed You With Infertility, Now What?

Source Endometriosis Foundation of America


For women who are diagnosed with endometriosis, and who hope to become a mother, the addition of an infertility diagnosis can be doubly devastating. Adding to that stress, choosing next steps to motherhood can be overwhelming. So, where does one begin? “Traditional OB-GYNs can examine if [patients are] ovulatory or not,” explains Dr. Karli Goldstein, an endometriosis excision specialist at Seckin Endometriosis Center. “They can do hormone testing on day two or three of their cycle, and the baseline fertility work up.” An OB-GYN may also perform a hysterosalpingogram (HSG), or a test to visualize any possible abnormalities in the uterine cavity or blockages in the fallopian tubes. Goldstein knows the process all too well. She has suffered through an infertility diagnosis stemming from Stage IV Endometriosis, and says she has explored every avenue to motherhood possible.


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