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What It Really Cost Me To Have A Baby Through IVF

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I know that having kids is expensive. There’s clothes, diapers, toys, education, and countless other things you didn’t even anticipate. But for my husband and I, to even conceive our child was the really mind-blowing expenditure.

I went through six years of infertility treatments and one of the most stressful aspects was financing it all. There were many calls to the insurance company, calls to the billing department and a lot of tears because so much of the process wasn’t going our way. Infertility is being talked about more and more in our society, but so many people still don’t understand just how expensive it can be. And if you are thinking we’re crazy to be spending our savings to have a child, please think for a moment if your children were no longer in existence. That ache you feel in your heart? That’s what people struggling with infertility deal with every day.

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