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UK – Teacher, 32, who spent four YEARS trying to conceive reveals how her ‘selfless’ best friend donated her eggs – and now she’s the proud mother of the daughter she always dreamed of  By Latoya Gayle For Mailonline

Source Daily Mail

A married couple who spent seven years trying to conceive have revealed how they finally realised their dream of starting a family – after a close friend donated her eggs.

Chelsea Judd, 32, and her husband Steve, 34, from Santa Clara, Utah, began trying for a baby in 2011, but didn’t fall pregnant.

During the couple’s first IVF attempt doctors discovered Chelsea suffered from low quality eggs and urged her to seek either egg donation or adoption.

The ‘devastated’ couple began to fear they would never have the children they craved, until Chelsea’s best friend Tia Stokes, 32, offered to help.

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