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Earlier this month, the Court denied certiorari (or “cert”) in the Melissa Cook case. There, a California surrogate tried to take legal custody of the triplets she carried for someone else, and asked the Court to declare California’s surrogacy statute unconstitutional in full. The Court declined to hear the case, and no justice dissented from the denial of cert.

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U.S. Supreme Court denies request to hear Iowa surrogacy case

Source Des Moines Register

The United States Supreme Court has denied a request to review an Iowa case involving whether a Cedar Rapids man who paid a surrogate to birth a baby is the child’s legal parent.

The Iowa Supreme Court ruled in February that surrogacy contracts are enforceable in the state. The losing party filed a petition in May asking the U.S. Supreme Court to take the case.

The Iowa case was one of several dozen distributed for consideration by the justices at a Sept. 24 conference. On Monday, the court issued a list of orders showing it had denied certiorari, or declined to take up the case.
That means that the Iowa Supreme Court’s decision in the case will stand, at least until the U.S. Supreme Court has another opportunity to hear a case involving surrogacy 

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