Embryo adoption

Overseas Embryo Adoption Saves Chelmsford Couple Thousands Of Dollars

Source CBS Boston

CHELMSFORD (CBS) – Infertility can be a painful experience for couples trying to start a family. It’s a roller coaster ride of emotion that Shawn and Shannon McNamee know well.

For more than a year, Shannon injected herself hundreds of times. They tried several rounds of in vitro fertilization (IVF). Nothing worked.

“You would get really hopeful and optimistic, then it would crash. The results came back negative every time,” Shawn told WBZ-TV.

The McNamees decided to adopt and now their living room is filled with toys and their hearts with love. Their son Logan is happy and curious and in no way intimidated by their 150-pound mountain dog.

“He’s just everything that I could have imagined as a baby and a son,” Shannon said.

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Embryo adoption

Embryo swapping is the Wild West

Source NY Post

Georgia was the first to allow embryo-adopting parents to file for a final order of adoption once a child is born. In states without laws, couples who adopt embryos rely solely on private legal contracts.

According to Kimberly Tyson, program manager of the Embryo Adoption Awareness Center in Colorado, the general “law of the land is that the woman who gives birth to the baby is legally the baby’s mother on the birth certificate.” (This is complicated by surrogates, although typically a pre-birth order is drafted to assign parentage.)

Compared to the United Kingdom, which has a 10-year limit on embryo storage and prohibits people from discriminating against embryos based on race or religion, the United States is one of the most lax countries in the world when it comes to the creation, storage and donation of embryos.

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Embryo adoption

Malta – Most couples won’t give up spare embryos for adoption

Source Times of Malta

80 per cent of couples refuse to give up spare embryos for adoption

More than 80 per cent of couples refuse to give up spare embryos for adoption after in vitro fertilisation, says an international study.

The studies were mentioned in a paper by the Malta College of Pathologists, which warned that the IVF Bill warranted further discussion by stakeholders.

The proposed law has raised eyebrows, as it would allow couples interested in IVF to give their consent to embryo adoption. Same-sex couples would rather opt for a genetically related embryo than accept adopting frozen embryos, the college said.

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Embryo adoption

Woman Gives Birth To ‘Teenage’ Baby Girl After Using Donated Embryo, The ‘Daily Mail’ Reports

Source Inquisitr

A couple in Georgia has given birth to a ‘teenage’ baby after discovering the process of embryo adoption, according to Daily Mail. Nancy and Chris Weiss reportedly spent two years trying to conceive before the birth of their daughter, Luna, three months ago. The Daily Mailreports that the couple has been trying for a child for six months before considering IVF. Five failed attempts at IVF they discovered embryo adoption, where a frozen embryo from a successful couple is fertilized and implanted.

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