Child from egg donation finds donor

Southern California woman donates eggs in college, meets ‘egg’ almost 2 decades later

Source Fox 35

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (KTVU) – A USC college student armed with only a few clues – including a grainy photo of a woman posing in a pool – was able to track down the woman responsible for giving her life.

Elizabeth Gaba had known she was born via egg donation and surrogacy her entire life. When she turned 18, she was given access to her file.
The file was scant when it came to details. Gaba learned the woman who donated eggs had a first name of Amy, was born in 1977, and was a straight A music student at USC.

Gaba, a student at USC’s Thornton School of Music’s pop program, was amazed to learn her egg donor also went to USC. But the similarities didn’t stop there.
Through some online sleuthing, Gaba, along with the help of her manager Amanda Newman of Varsity Vocals, identified her egg donor as Amy Throckmorton of Escondido.

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