Surrogacy after miscarriage

Ireland – ‘Life with her is so great’ – woman (38) who suffered three miscarriages finally experiences the joy of motherhood

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Karen Smyth and her baby Cleo, who used a baby box for the first few months of her life.

For one in six couples in Ireland, the possibility of conceiving a baby may not be as easy as they’d hoped.

For Karen Smyth and her partner Marian Riordan, the road that would eventually lead them to their beautiful little baby Cleo, was long.

Karen (38) suffered three miscarriages before Cleo was born.

And even after she passed 14 weeks in her pregnancy with Cleo, serious complications arose. So serious that, under doctors’ orders, she had to spend four months confined to bed.

Even trips to the toilet or shower were out of the question.

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