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Baby boy born four years after parents died in road accident

Source ZeeNews

A baby boy was recently born through surrogacy in China – four years after his parents had died in a fatal road accident. The child’s grandparents reportedly fought a lenghty legal battle to get the four fertilised embryos the couple had left at a local hospital.

The Beijing News reported that a surrogate mother from Laos gave birth to the baby – four years after Shen Jie and Liu Xi died in a road accident in Yixing in China’s Jiangsu Province. The couple had been undergoing fertility treatment before they met with the accident.

There has been no precedent of parents of a deceased person inheriting the embryos of their child/children. In the case of Jie and Xi, their parents had to file two lawsuits in order to get the fertilised embryos in a case that made headlines in the Chinese media.

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Parents of sperm donor win right to see grandson

Source: The Times

Judge’s awarded the paternal family access to the child GETTY IMAGES

The parents of a sperm donor have won the right to have contact with their four-year-old biological grandson in what is believed to be the first case of its kind.

Three senior judges ruled that encouraging the boy’s relationship with his paternal family would help him understand the “big picture of his birth story”. The boy was born to a gay female couple, one of whom knew the donor, Lord Justice Peter Jackson said. There was no dispute that he was legally their child but, for the first three years of his life, the natural father had regular contact with the boy.

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