Doctor using own sperm

Can Doctors Who Secretly Use Their Own Sperm To Impregnate Patients Be Brought To Justice?

Source Above The Law

Just because the legal calculation is hard to make, doesn’t mean judges should throw up their hands and not try.

Last week, another woman brought suit against a fertility doctor after finding out that he had gotten involved with his own patients’ efforts to have a child. This time, it was the child conceived through the fertility procedure, together with her parents, who brought the suit. The defendant is an Idaho fertility doctor, who was busted after the plaintiff used an mail-away DNA-test and learned that her fertility doctor’s genetic profile meant that he was actually her biological father. That had to be quite a shock! Sure, those home DNA tests are fun for finding out your heritage, but they are less fun for finding out that one of your parents isn’t actually genetically related to you. Plaintiff Kelli Rowlette, of Washington state, spoke with her mother once she received the results. Her mother, Sally Ashby, was equally horrified to learn the news.

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