20 Ways Becoming A Parent Via Surrogate Is Different From Natural Birth

Source Moms.com

Back in former times, there were only so many things a couple could do to have a baby. If the old fashioned way of procreating didn’t work due to issues with the male or woman, they were typically too shamed or embarrassed to even talk about it. Science wasn’t at its peak in terms of alternate ways to have a baby.

Nowadays (thankfully), we have artificial insemination (mom and donor, dad and donor, or two unknown donors), in vitro fertilization (IVF), intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection, adoption, and many other ways to help a couple become a family. Most notably, the art of surrogacy is gaining popularity.

Just as there are options for how a couple wants to get pregnant, there are also options in surrogacy. A surrogate can be used as a shell while the mom’s egg and the dad’s sperm are already combined and just implemented in the surrogate. Or perhaps a woman is impregnated by a male’s sperm, with her being the biological mother (but won’t physically raise the child).

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