Secondary Infertility

‘You know what you’re missing’: The pain of secondary infertility is real

Source Today

Angie Prindle, seen here with son, Moses, and husband, Matt, is open about her struggles with secondary infertility.

Sometimes, when Angie Prindle is out with her 7-year-old son, Moses, moms with multiple kids complain to her about their chaotic lives and say, “You’re so lucky you only have one.”

They have no idea, Prindle says. “My mind and heart begin calculating whether I fake a smile and turn away, or unleash my saga of pregnancy loss and infertility on them.”

Prindle suffers from secondary infertility — the struggle to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term after previously giving birth. While more women are speaking openly about infertility, which affects about one of eight women, less is known about secondary infertility.
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