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6 Things New York Attorneys Need To Know About The New Surrogacy Law

Source Above The Law

You may have heard of the new New York Child Parent Security Act (CPSA). No? Well let me tell you about it. It passed last session, as part of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s budget, and officially became effective as of yesterday, February 15, 2021. Happy Presidents’ Day, everyone!

Although Cuomo certainly has become known for other, less successful, moments in the past 12 months, the CPSA, by contrast, is a major success. Aside from Gloria Steinem’s strange arguments that the CPSA is a mistake, and that the government *should* control women’s choices over their bodies and pregnancy, what do New York attorneys need to know about the new law?

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Paid Gestational Surrogacy Law Goes Into Effect

Source Gay City News

Out gay State Senator Brad Hoylman with his daughter Lucy, the younger of two daughters he and his husband, filmmaker David Sigal, have had through surrogacy.

Nearly one year after New York State legalized paid gestational surrogacy, which is when a surrogate carries a baby who shares no biological relation, the law finally went into effect February 15.

The gestational surrogacy bill, labeled the “Child-Parent Security Act,” passed in the budget in April of last year following a prolonged fight over the rights of surrogates and egg donors, as well as additional concerns that having a baby through gestational surrogacy would primarily only be feasible for wealthier folks.

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New law legalizes paid surrogacy in New York; opens up options for families

Source Newsday

Women in New York can be compensated for carrying babies that are not biologically their own under a law that goes into effect Feb. 15. Previously, intended parents had to go to other states to seek such help to grow their families.

“Now, you can recruit a gestational surrogate in New York State and have her be compensated for her time, risk and effort in carrying the pregnancy,” said Dr. James Stelling, a fertility specialist and co-founder of Stony Brook Community Medical-Island Fertility, referring to the Child Parent Security Act.

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Gestational surrogacy legalized in NY: Here’s what parents, surrogates need to know

By Mariann Cabness

Source Inform NY

NEW YORK (WWTI) – New insurance protections and rights for surrogates and parents will take effect in New York on February 15.

Governor Cuomo’s FY 2021 Enacted Budget legalized gestational surrogacy in New York.

“When we passed legislation lifting the antiquated ban on gestational surrogacy we included the nation’s strongest protections for both surrogate mothers and parents alike,” Governor Cuomo said. “I remind and encourage all New Yorkers to review these new insurance protections and rights as they go through this process.” 

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New insurance protections, rights for surrogates and parents in NYS take effect Feb. 15

Source WGRZ

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According to NYS, these new insurance protections and rights were part of the governor’s FY 2021 Enacted Budget, which legalized gestational surrogacy in the state.

ALBANY, N.Y. — Starting February 15, new insurance protections and rights for surrogates and parents will take effect in New York State.

According to the office of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, these new insurance protections and rights were part of the governor’s FY 2021 Enacted Budget, which legalized gestational surrogacy in the state.

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New surrogate pregnancy law will be life-changing for infertile New Yorkers


Though New Yorkers could always travel to other states or countries to utilize the technology, doing so was cost-prohibitive for many and made it impractical to attend medical visits and truly experience the milestones of pregnancy, say advocates, including Gov. Andrew Cuomo. (Douglas Hook / MassLive)

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — For LGBTQ+ and heterosexual New Yorkers struggling with fertility issues, both emotional and practical doors will open on Monday, Feb. 15, when paid gestational surrogacy once again becomes legal in the state.

The law will allow adults to use the commonplace reproductive technology — long legal in all but three states — to start a family close to home, form a partnership with the surrogate mother and have an active role in the pregnancy, advocates say.

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New York state, long a holdout against legalizing surrogacy, overturns ban

Source NBC News

New York state is overturning its long-held ban on paid surrogacy, “a bright spot for New York families in these difficult times,” said the co-sponsor of the bill.

The legislation was approved Thursday and was one of many non-fiscal measures included in the state budget passed amid the coronavirus pandemic, which has hit New York harder than any state in the United States. The budget included a grim prediction for the effects of the coronavirus, with state tax revenues estimated to fall by at least $10 billion.

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New York State Legalizes Gestational Surrogacy

Source Gay City News

A protracted battle over the future of compensated gestational surrogacy in New York was resolved on April 2 when state lawmakers approved a budget that included legislation proposed by out gay Manhattan State Senator Brad Hoylman and Westchester Assemblymember Amy Paulin that legalizes the practice once and for all.

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