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Pioneering London initiative teaches surrogate mothers to breastfeed

Source: Evening Standard

Justine White received an award from the British Journal of Midwifery for her work with mothers

Women who become mothers via a surrogate are being taught how to breastfeed their baby in a pioneering London initiative.

Justine White, a breastfeeding adviser, has helped three women to feed — even though they had not given birth.

She was inspired by tribesmen in the Congo who allow babies to suck on their nipples to comfort them while the mothers hunt.

Enabling women who have not given birth to breastfeed is practised in North America but is not widely known about in this country.

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breastfeed, intended parents, Surrogacy, Surrogate Mother

Can You Breastfeed A Baby You’ve Had Via Surrogacy?

Source: Women’s Health

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just welcomed a baby girl to the world via surrogacy. And since it was revealed she was expecting, the reality TV star has been in full nesting mode, showing off alllll her sweet baby swag on social media.
The product she’s obsessing over? A nursing pillow that she says is “the most necessary thing of life.” In one Snapchat vid she even admitted to getting multiples to keep in every room of the house.

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