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Australia – Mum devastated with payout for 12 embryos lost in South Australia blackout

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Jo was on her seventh IVF cycle when she found out her embryos were gone.

The mum-of-two never imagined her chance to conceive againwould be wiped out in the 2016 South Australian blackout.

“It was disbelief, you are not angry, you just can’t believe it has happened,” she told The Advertiser.

Now, two years on, Jo has faced further devastation after being told she will only receive $1,666 for each of her lost embryos.

“You can’t put a monetary value on losing 12 embryos that are your future children,’’ she said.

The South Australian government settled out of court with the distressed owners of the lost embryos – meaning each will receive a $20,000 payout in order to avoid a lengthy and expensive court battle.
But parents, like Jo, are far from happy with the decision.

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