Biological clock

Age and Infertility Treatment-Why put off till tomorrow?

Source Greater Kashmir

The Washington Post declared on the 16th of March, 1978 that “The Clock Is Ticking for the Career Woman”. I believe it’s ticking for all women. It’s heard everywhere and is just getting louder and louder. Women are born with their life’s store of 1-2 million eggs. These eggs gradually decline in number and accumulate genetic mutations and abnormalities as they age. With the result, an overwhelming cause of infertility in older women is the rise in abnormal chromosomes (genetic material) in their limited number of eggs. And that is impossible to treat. Even in prime fertile years, about half of all eggs have chromosomal abnormalities. The percentage of eggs with genetic problems just increases with age. Earlier, women were conceiving in their teens and twenties, when age-related abnormalities with the egg were not evident.

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