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A gestational carrier is a woman who carries a child that is not biologically related to her through the process of in-vitro fertilization.  She must be between the age of 21 and 38 and have had at least one child without incident e.g. gestational diabetes. The gestational carrier must also be disease and drug free and have no medical problems. Intended Parents, Inc., introduces carriers to couples looking to utilize this procedure to have a biological child.


Intended parents contact Intended Parents, Inc., to find them a carrier and provide many of the necessary services to become a parent through a gestational arrangement. For medical reasons, the wife of the intended parents cannot carry a child but produces healthy eggs. If the wife cannot produce healthy eggs then an egg donor is used for her eggs. These eggs will be fertilized outside of the wife's body with her husband's sperm and then placed in a gestational carrier. The medical procedure will take place at an IVF facility selected by the intended parents. If a pregnancy results the carrier will carry the child(ren) to term for the intended parents.


Most carriers enjoy being pregnant and are emotionally rewarded by the experience of helping an infertile couple realize their dreams of becoming parents. Carriers are also compensated, and in addition, all legal, medical, maternity clothes, child care (if necessary), transportation and other costs related to the arrangement will be paid by the intended parents.


The medical procedure involves certain responsibilities for the carrier. There are many types of embryo transfers that may be done in order for the carrier to become pregnant with the couple's biological children. The two most common are a fresh transfer and a frozen transfer. If the procedure is done with frozen embryos then the carrier’s urine will be monitored to predict the date of ovulation, and when the date of ovulation is diagnosed, the embryo transfer will be performed. The embryos are usually transferred without any medication and most carriers say there is little or no discomfort. It usually takes only a few moments. The carrier must rest in bed for approximately one or two days after the procedure.


If the procedure is done with fresh embryos, the carrier will need to take a series of mosquito-like injections for a few weeks to coordinate the menstrual cycles of the intended mother and the carrier. The injections are similar to the daily injections a diabetic takes. Most carriers say the injections feel similar to a mosquito bite. In addition, the carrier may be required to take pills and apply a vaginal gel for a week prior to the transfer. If the carrier becomes pregnant, the gel will need to be applied for up to 8 weeks and the pills will be continued. This description represents a general description provided to Intended Parents, Inc., by an infertility clinic. Intended Parents, Inc., is not rendering medical advice. This is just to give the carrier an idea of how past transfers have taken place.


If you became pregnant then you would have to go to doctors appointments for the next nine months. You can go to your own obstetrician/gynecologist.


Before the medical procedures can occur the carrier will meet with a psychologist to make sure she is ready to become a carrier and is comfortable with the arrangement. All expenses incurred for these visits including gas and child care will be paid by the couple. The husband/partner may need to attend certain visits. After the psychological testing is complete you and your partner will have to undergo medical testing. A background check will also be performed.  Once all the results come back and they are favorable a contract will be drafted to protect all parties’ interests including the carriers. The carrier will be provided with her own attorney to review the agreement and address any concerns she may have. Once this phase is complete, the contract will be signed by all parties and all the carrier's payments, if she were to become pregnant, are deposited in an account to make sure all payments to the carrier are promptly and accurately made. This summarizes some of the primary duties of the carrier.


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